Hog Roast Swindon

If you want to set up the best possible special Wiltshire occasion then it just has to be a hog roast Swindon event. Book that hog roast chef and you’ll be booking someone who is totally dedicated to creating the very best possible meal for you and your guests.

Each and every pig selected for a Swindon hog roast has to meet certain standards, it must be well reared and be from a great local supplier. This is just one of the reasons why a hog roast Swindon event delivers the very best tasting food.

When you watch the hog roast hire chef cooking the hog roast, it’s like watching someone create an old master, such is the care and attention to detail. If you’ve never seen a hog roast hire Swindon chef in action then you really are in for a visual feast because it looks quite special indeed. Don’t be put off by the fact that open fires are not used anymore by the chefs as the replacement – the quite fantastic hog roast machines, which we developed specifically for the task – are more than adequate replacements. In fact many chefs say that our machines are much better! We won’t argue with that.

Having a catering solution that looks brilliant when it’s cooking really does add a little bit of spectacle to your event. Everybody likes a little glamour at these events and the hog roasting does just that. It’s like when you go to a restaurant and are served with sizzling steaks...but this is ten times better. This is a whole pig cooking away and it really does look quite glorious.

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Now this may all sound quite easy going on the chef, but don’t be fooled. The chef has already put a lot of hard work into producing your hog roast by this stage and you may be surprised just how hard they actually have been working. You see, a hog roast takes a while to cook and your own whole pig will take a good six hours to roast to total perfection. But why so long? Well it’s not just a case of cooking the meat but making sure it is slow roasted. Only then will all the important juices in the meat be released, which is why you get such incredible flavours from hog roast meat.

Hog roast looks extravagant from the moment you set eyes on it. Your guests will be equally impressed and they may well think that you have blown your budget to bring them a bit of Swindon hog roast magic, but you may be pleasantly surprised to learn just how affordable a hog roast actually is. Of course, you can find cheaper catering solutions out there but just what is it that you are paying for? Are you paying for some of the very best locally sourced pork or does the food come all the way from the freezer? Are you paying for hours of careful attention to the meat or are you paying for someone to press a few buttons on the microwave and turn a few dials on the oven? You see, when you talk about hog roast, you are talking about real food. You are also talking about plenty of it, too. Hog roast may not be able to feed the five thousand but a single sized standard pig can feed over one hundred guests, which is great value by anyone’s standards!

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding evening ‘do’ or an equally informal occasion, hog roast will really get everybody talking. Hog roast is probably the crown pork prince of all party foods. The chances are that you have already been to hog roast events at the local or maybe at a hired out venue or garden party. You may well have sampled hog roast rolls. You will know how good they taste but hog roast also makes a stupendous sit down formal meal for those posher occasions when a roll simply won’t cut the mustard! Finely carved gourmet hog roast really looks the business and will be a welcome surprise for all your diners.

It really is important that you pick the right catering when planning your special event. Make the right choice and you will you have your Swindon guests swinging, a poor choice will have them leaving early and making a bee line for the nearest takeaway, so save them the bother and make sure your party food leaves them with a great taste in the mouth!