Hog Roast Tadcaster

Britain has many things that the rest of the world can rightly jealous of. The NHS is one shining example of just that, as is our rich history of invention, the red phone box and post box, the Bobby on the beat and last but not least, the great British pub.

Times are hard for the good old British pub. The world economy, taxes and less expendable income means pubs are closing across the UK, and this means the heart of many a community is being ripped out. But not so in Tadcaster. Tadcaster is a town built on the back of the breweries, in fact the town is home to three breweries, which is not only great for employment of some of the town's seven thousand people but it also provides welcome support for the town's pubs, and they do need the help.

And of course, where there are pubs and a thriving community, you are sure to find plenty of special events, functions and parties taking place. After all, the good people of Tadcaster like to celebrate their birthdays, parties, anniversaries and weddings just like anywhere else....and it seems that they have found an old 'new' way to cater for such events if the rise in hog roast Tadcaster events is anything to go by!

You heard me right. Hog roast hire Tadcaster events are proving to be very popular indeed, though it's not just here but throughout the United Kingdom. Every week more and more people are organising events that utilise hog roast as the main catering, and to be quite honest, it's not at all hard to see just why.

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A hog roast Tadcaster event provides the very best in wholesome, rustic style catering at a remarkably competitive price. When you go into detail about what a hog roast offers and how it compares with other catering solutions then hog roast really is a complete no brainer. There really cannot be many catering solutions that offer top quality meat that is freshly cooked before your guests by your own dedicated chef. Add to that the fact that a hog roast looks simply amazing and it's safe to say that choosing a hog roast hire Tadcaster caterer really has to be top of anyone's catering to do list.

If you are in the unenviable position of having to organise just such a special occasion then choosing hog roast may just take a large weight off your shoulders. All the panic will soon be over, meaning you can concentrate on the less stressful stuff instead. The hog roast caterer is going to become your catering saviour and you will wonder why this Medieval feast is only now making a big name for itself in the world of catering that has been dominated by boring catering options for decades.

You may not realise just how dedicated the hog roast chef can be in pursuit of the perfect hog roast but they are and it starts with finding the perfect pig; one that is just fatted up enough, great quality and locally sourced from a good supplier. Great meat makes a difference, as you will discover. Something else you may not realise is just how much meat a hog roast can actually produce. Now, I don't know how many people you will typically cater for...forty or fifty? Sixty perhaps? Well, you will have not a single worry with a hog roast because a single pig can feed over one hundred of your lucky guests with some great tasting meat. That means a lower cost per head, and whilst no-one is saying that hog roast is the cheapest catering solution available, it is by far the best value when you consider the quality of the food on offer and the amount it provides. And that's before you even take into account the six hours it takes for the chef to cook the pig. That's right, hog roast is not a hour in the oven job! Hog roast needs six hours cooking in order to bring out the absolute best in all that meat. You only get the famous hog roast flavours by slow roasting it but it is so worth it and your guests will be bowled over with the succulent and tender flavours they experience with each bite. When you consider all the hard work involved, it then starts to look like a bargain! So, get into the community spirit and make sure your event is a Tadcaster hog roast event!