Hog Roast Tetbury

When it comes to the town of Tetbury, you could say it is ‘blooming’ lovely. Why? Well the town has the honour of being the winner of the Heart of England in Bloom competition for five consecutive years, which certainly is an achievement to be proud of for this Gloucestershire town.

If you live in and around the Tetbury area then you and the five thousand or so residents of the town will know very well what a lovely part of the world this is. But Tetbury is not just all about looking good and being a great place to live. The residents of Tetbury have busy lives to lead, and that also means that there are events to celebrate and business events to organise. And if you have the task or organising just such an event then it may be time to think long and hard about the catering you want for your event. It may just be worth thinking about making it a hog roast Tetbury event.

Hog roast is the new and fashionable answer to all event catering nightmares. Make your event a hog roast hire Tetbury event and you will be treating your event guests to something very special and certainly a refreshing change from the usual sad excuses for catering.

So why has hog roast suddenly come from nowhere to be regarded as one of the nation’s favourite catering solutions? Well, it is hardly a sudden development. Hog roast never really disappeared but it certainly wasn’t high on people’s lists of catering solutions. This is probably because many people assume (quite wrongly) that hog roast was a very expensive option and out of reach of most catering budgets. This is a shame because, despite looking very extravagant, booking a hog roast hire Tetbury caterer is actually one of the more cost effective catering solutions currently available in the UK.

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One of the reasons why a hog roast Tetbury event might not be the massive expense that you feared is down to the fact that hog roast is a very accommodating meal when it comes to providing meat. You may think that’s no surprise as we are talking about a whole pig after all, but do you realise just how much meat is produced? Maybe you think it’s enough for maybe 50 or 60 people, 70 at a push perhaps? Wrong. The average hog roast can provide enough meat to feed over one hundred guests, which is probably more than you actually need. That is a fantastic amount from one pig and it could really bring down your cost per head budget, and that’s always handy.

A hog roast may sound like a reasonably cooking task but you’d be wrong. There is a reason why the hog roast chef is a very professional character and that’s because they take immense pride in their work. So they should, because cooking a hog roast is a big undertaking, indeed everything about this feast is big. The whole pig is certainly a lump of meat that takes some looking after but how do you cook such a big beast? Well, if there’s nothing available to cook a certain food then you need to develop something and that’s exactly what we have done. Our special hog roasting machines were designed with this task in mind, and you will hear many a hog roast chef talk very fondly about their machines, for they really are the ultimate way to cook a hog roast. Far more convenient, mobile and safer than an open fire and they make a great stage on which the chef can show off their cooking skills (which your guests will love to watch, by the way). And it’s a very good job that the chef has a great cooking environment in the shape of the machine because it is going to spend a fair bit of its time attached to it, for a hog roast is not a quick meal to cook. In fact it takes around six hours to cook the perfect hog roast from start to finish. But don’t panic thinking that your guests are going to have to wait six hours before they eat, it will have been started off long before they arrive!

There are plenty of fantastic reasons why your Tetbury event should be a hog roast occasion: great tasting meat, great visual appeal, quality meat and a break from the boring and bland old catering options. Make it special by bringing in the Tetbury hog roast chef!