Hog Roast Thames Ditton

Despite the fact that Thames Ditton lies on the border of the country's capital city, the village retains all the charm and greenery characteristic of a town more off the beaten track, so to speak. Recorded in a charter as early as the year 983, Thames Ditton appears in the 1086 Domesday book with assets including four households and 20 hogs.

Given that this village has existed for so long, it is of no doubt that some of those hogs mentioned in the Domesday charter ended up at medieval tables, gently roasting on a spit and feeding whole rooms of families or local villagers. Whole hogs were often cooked for the purpose of feeding large groups of people, at a banquet, feast or on holidays or public celebrations. Cooking the entire animal at once was much easier than cooking lots of separate pieces, and only required a small number of people to prepare the entire meal. The versatility of this method of cooking allows more or less any meat to be cooked; smaller spits could cook chickens or pigeons easily enough, and heavier larger spits were made to accommodate the hulking body of hogs or even buffalo. Of course, such a sight would often become a main focus of any said event. It's not difficult to imagine a huge crowd gathered around a whole roasting buffalo, plates at the ready, watching the meat cook as they eagerly watch.

The method of turning the spit as the meat cooks is another image synonymous with that of hog roasts and hog spits. It must have taken some real elbow grease to pull a whole cow around and round a spit; but the movement is essential to ensure every part of the meat is cooked thoroughly and crackled in all the right places.

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Fortunately, those in Thames Ditton won't need to worry about constantly turning a spit for hours when they hire one of our machines. Each machine is equipped to turn a whole hog round and round without assistance, cooking the meat to that perfect level of succulent, moist tenderness.

Our hog roast Thames Ditton machines cook a whole hog in about six hours. While six hours may seem like a long time to wait for your roast, we can assure you as expert hog roasters with years of experience, this is the best way to cook the meat. Good things come to those who wait; and those who wait are rewarded by the sweet, succulent taste of juicy, perfectly cooked meat with just the right amount of crispness to the skin, and melting in the mouth. When we provide catering to your event, we make sure our hog chef arrives to cook the meat so it is ready exactly when you want it to be; all you have to do is enjoy your event and watch as the meat cooks perfectly.

Our machines are the preferred choice of caterers across the country. Each stainless steel machine is durable, excellently designed and fully cleanable. The undercarriage is fitted with four wheels and the sides have handles for easy movement. Such mobility is perfect for caterers, being able to be moved from event to event, or into catering vans and out of catering vans with ease. Not to mention, the machine looks fantastic in the clean, professional stainless steel design so often recognised as the look of professional catering equipment where durability and easily sterilized surfaces are incredibly important.

All our hog roast hire Thames Ditton machines are arguably the best available for hire and sale in the country; each machine is designed by our experts with safety and efficiency at the forefront of the final design. In short, both our hog roast Thames Ditton machines and our spit roasting machines are reliable, easy to use and roast in exactly the right way so you get the perfect roast every time.

If you choose to hire one of our hog roast Thames Ditton machines, full instructions are issued on delivery so you can cook a whole pig by yourself for your function. It is simple to use; simply score the pig, rub in a little salt, and turn on the machine and leave it to cook all the way through. Glazes can be added a little further on in the cooking process, and of course we are always happy to share any tips for the perfect hog roast Thames Ditton.

The feel of community in Thames Ditton is very strong, with an active and involved community taking part in a great amount of local clubs and societies. A quarterly, professional-looking magazine is produced by residents with an impressive archive going way back 42 years. It is no surprise then that we often find ourselves catering to plenty of private gatherings and parties in villages like this, where neighborly hospitality can be found at its best.