Hog Roast Thirsk

Television, books and cinema play a very important role in society, probably far greater and far more influential than we realise. And when you consider how these media can affect the places where we live, it's even more surprising. There must be hundreds of examples of films and books that have been based in certain locations which in turn has seen a huge rise in that locations popularity. Not that many of these places are at all sad about that. Indeed, it can often give the location a much needed tourism boost.

James Herriot's home town of Thirsk is one such example. Herriot was a vet based in the town, and though he did not call it by its true name in his books, Thirsk is now a popular attraction with Herriot fans world wide who come to see his old practice on Kirkgate.

Of course, Thirsk has another big claim to fame and that is its world famous racecourse but Thirsk is in the middle of a catering revolution, too. One that is affecting the whole of the UK and one that could help see us all enjoy something a little bit special next time we are at a special event or big function. It does seem that Hog roast Thirsk fever is catching on and could be turning into an epidemic!

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Okay, whilst it might not be an epidemic, hog roast hire Thirsk events really are one of the fastest growing events in the area, and that certainly cannot be a bad thing at all, as catering for functions and special occasions has been in a very depressing state for decades, with some of the most boring and bland food ever being served up at supposedly special events. What can be so special about cold pizza and sad sausage rolls is anyone's guess! Hog roast hire Thirsk catering really does appear to have livened catering up in the town with the vibrant, wholesome and rustic simplicity of hog roast. And to think that this is a Medieval dish!

Hog roast Thirsk style events may be Medieval in their origins but there are many good reasons why hog roast is making such a triumphant comeback in the catering world. The TV chefs have been extolling the virtues of going back to the traditional methods of cooking for some time now. All the fancy nouveau cuisine stuff has made way for a more simple, rustic approach, and this is playing right into the hands of hog roast cooking. In fact you could get more on trend than by booking a hog roast chef! If you are wanting to follow the TV chef's advice and bring in some fresh, wholesome cooking using the best available produce then hog roast is the answer, in fact it is probably the only answer in the catering world that comes anywhere close to meeting that specific need.

But there are more compelling reasons why your next event should be a hog roast event. After all, your guests are the real stars of your show so you want to give them a real treat, don't you? Well why not let them see their meal being cooked? With a hog roast, that is part of the deal! One of the most wonderful aspects of any hog roast event is the fact that you get to see your meal being cooked, and if there is a more glorious sight in the world of catering than seeing your Thirsk hog roast being cooked to perfection then I have yet to hear about it. A cooking hog roast is an impressive sight and will certainly indicate to your guests that a great meal is not far away. That and the incredible aromas that will be filling venue!

Hog roast is a labour of love when it comes to the cooking and preparation. Yes, you may think the chef has not been cooking the pig for long before he starts serving, but they will have been carefully tending to the pig for six hours by then. If you thought it was a quick dish, think again. It needs those six hours to help mature the meat and let all those incredible flavours escape. And with a standard sixed hog roast being able to serve over a hundred people, you can be sure that no-one will be going home hungry or popping in to the local take away.

Traditional food, freshly cooked and plenty of it, too. That's what make a Thirsk hog roast unbeatable.