Hog Roast Todmorden

The town of Todmorden is a borderline sort of town. What do I actually mean by that? Well the town itself is more or less dead on the Lancashire and Yorkshire border, though it is actually considered a Yorkshire town. Not that this seems to matter, as Todmorden is still a vibrant place and home to some fourteen thousand people.

Back in its heyday, Todmorden was one of the leading mill towns and at one point was home to the world’s largest weaving shed but that and most of the signs of the mill history are long gone. That said, there are signs of a new revolution sweeping this part of Yorkshire and it is a craze that is making itself felt across the UK, too. This is no cotton or industrial craze but something a lot more wholesome, tasty and enjoyable for everyone involved in it. Welcome to the hog roast Todmorden revolution.

Okay, revolution is a strong word and makes one think of all sorts of political causes, and this certainly is not of that magnitude, but to those that have suffered the terrible experience of having to endure terrible event catering, this hog roast hire Todmorden revolution is something that they would rightly consider to be long overdue!

We have all been in the same boat, I am sure. We get an invite to a special event, maybe a friends big birthday bash or a wedding. Maybe a work based corporate entertainment event. You put on your glad rags and you expect to have a great time – and you probably do – but one thing often lets the whole show down and that is the most unimaginative catering that is almost always served at these events. I know times are tough but the budget for the catering at many events is seemingly non existent! There simply is no excuse for lousy catering, as I am about to explain.

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There really is little point to arranging a special event or function if you are simply not going to make sure the food is special, too. And what many people fail to realise is that great food need not mean huge bills that blow your catering budget out of the water. That’s why hog roast hire Todmodern events are starting to become extremely popular. Hog roast is not only a great tasting party and event food, it looks amazing and it is surprisingly affordable. So why has it not been a regular at special events for the last twenty or so years? Well, there seems to be a new fascination for simple, hearty and wholesome food these days and that fascination seems to have been driven by many of the TV chefs who have made a big thing about using quality meat and keeping things simple, because that is the way to get maximum flavour.

Maximum flavour is certainly what you get from a hog roast Todmorden and a lot of that is thanks to the great meat that the chef carefully selects from their favoured local supplier. It is something that really does make an incredible difference to hog roast and you and your guests will definitely appreciate the flavour.

Hog roast is simple in that it relies on great ingredients and not lots of fancy additions, but it is most certainly not simple from a cooking perspective. Far from it. This is why we have helped develop the hog roast machine to assist the chef with the cooking of each hog roast. Obviously, a huge open fire would be lovely and look great but they are a little impractical but our machine certainly makes a very good replacement, providing the chef with a great cooking station on which to cook and serve the huge whole pig that they very carefully chose. This ‘station’ also provides the perfect way to show off the cooking pig to your guests, something that always goes down well, as people love to see a hog roast in action. Hog roast looks like a grand and extravagant feast, which is great, though the truth is that hog roast is a surprisingly economical catering option, with a standard hog roast able to feed over one hundred people. It may not be the cheapest catering solution in Todmorden but it almost certainly one of the absolute tastiest and biggest crowd pleasers.

If you have a special event to organise, there really is nothing better than going for the Todmorden hog roast option if you want great flavours and smiling faces!