Hog Roast Tonbridge

Everybody loves a castle. Well, little boys love castles definitely but I think it’s fair to say that a roam around a castle is enough to bring out the child in anyone, especially if it looks the part. Tonbridge castle certainly look s the business when it comes to ‘proper’ castles. There’s even a Tonbridge castle moat, for added authenticity. But don’t worry, no-one is going to throw you in the dungeons or submit you to some horrible torture.

The castle is just one of the fascinating highlights of the Kent town. The castle has seen its fair share of battles in its time but also enjoyed a few good celebrations, I would guess. Look at the castle and you can just imagine all the goings on that must have taken place behind those stone walls, not least the odd banquet. And what would the banquet have included? Very possibly a hog roast!

Of course, the days of feasts in the castle are over. Or are they? It seems that the medieval feast of hog roast is enjoying something of a modern day revival, especially as a fine food for events and functions. Not bad for an old medieval dish, but why is hog roast attracting a new audience in Tonbridge and other parts of the country. A little investigation is needed, I think. A hog roast Tonbridge investigation.

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The original days of hog roast Tonbridge are easy to understand. If you had a castle then a hog roast was pretty much obligatory in those days. Money was no object and every castle has space to cook a huge pig over a roaring fire. But these days, not many Tonbridge folk own castles, which can be a bit of a setback when wanting to host a hog roast party.

This is where the hog roast chef comes to rescue. Modern hog roasts use a smart piece of machinery called the hog roast machine. This helps cook the hog roast to perfection, though it still takes a fair old six hours to cook perfectly. Talking of perfection, the meat is always quality too. Tonbridge hog roasts always use top pig from a reputable source, and that only adds to the superb taste.

Hog roast Tonbridge style means that there are no people left hungry. Your typical hog roast is a mighty beast and can feed up to one hundred people with ease, probably more. This makes hog roast ideal for those larger events such as weddings or corporate functions.

But hog roast is also a great informal party food too. Yes, you can have it carved up beautifully by the hog roast chef and plated up like a top restaurant would, but you can also serve up hog roast on rolls with sauces for the ultimate in mobile hog! Everybody loves their hog roast and it tastes a thousand times better than many other party and catering solutions.

A little investigation just proves that hog roast really does come up to scratch when you are looking for a Tonbridge party and function food.