Hog Roast Truro

Hog roasting has always has a traditional feel to it and where better to re-create the hog roasts of old than Truro. There are a few differences in the ways that hog roast Truro and the Tudors of old perform their hog roasts and modern ways are much better we think, for example Truro was always a successful market town and its inhabitants would have visited the butchers stall to acquire a fresh pig however we at hog roast Truro purchase all our pigs from locally sourced farms who rear our free range pigs using organic all natural methods. Truronians buying pigs from the market could never be assured of the freshness of the pig and quite commonly the pig was that past its sell by date that during the hog roast the pig had to be absolutely smothered in spices to cover up the unsavoury taste. However as we at the hog roast Truro have our pigs prepared to order (usually only a day or two before the Hog Roast) the maximum level of freshness is achieved meaning that all we require to prepare the pig is spring water and sea salt which is rubbed into the skin of the pig which is then scored and the roasting can begin.

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Hog roast Truro has catered for numerous hog roasts in Truro and will continue to do so for a long time to come. There is no event we can't cater for from small private parties to enormous Weddings and Corporate events. No form of joyous celebration can not be complimented by a slowly turning hog roast, the meat being carved form the bone served straight to your guests by our hog roast Truro chefs with their gleaming white attire adorned with the hog roast Truro logo. As well as providing hog roasts in Truro, we also hire out its hog roast machines and one of our excellently sources free range pigs can also be provided with this service for you to be able to serve your spit roasted pig to your guests yourself. Minimal effort is required for you to put on your own hog roast Truro with our machines, we can put the pig on the spit for you, set up your hog roast and even share a few of the tips we have learned in our 25 years of hog roasting.

Booking a hog roast Truro is a lot easier than you may think in fact it could no be simpler. All that's required to start you off on your hog roasting adventure is to call the office and provide one of our experienced hog roasting chefs with the details of your event and we will quickly provide you with a price, from there the speed and ease of your booking is all down to you, as soon as you decide to book and pay your deposit your event will be booked in. hog roast Truro can cater for an event anywhere in and around Truro and beyond!.