Hog Roast Uxbridge

Now here’s a real teaser for you. Can you think of a town in the south east of England that can connect James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 and the robots and light sabres from Star Wars? Okay, it’s not really a town that connects them all but a person. If you said John Stears then full marks. He was the inventive genius behind those amazing special effects and gadgetry. Can you imagine Star Wars without light sabres and R2D2? Of course not.

But what about the town? John Stears was from Uxbridge, a town west of the capital and home to around twenty five thousand people. Not a town you would associate with sci fi and accessorised sports cars but it just goes to show that you sometimes have to expect the unexpected. Just like the rise in hog roast Uxbridge events.

Okay, so I can’t point to any figures proving that there is such a rise in hog roast Uxbridge events, but it is a fair bet that most events that require some form of catering in Uxbridge are turning more and more to hog roast, especially if the rest of the UK is anything to go by.

If there is a hog roast Uxbridge boom then why is this the case? There has hardly been a wave of programmes on TV about the popularity of hog roast, so why has the hog roast suddenly become the event caterer’s best friend in Uxbridge.

You could look at the economy for a start. Times have been pretty tough in the UK economy and everybody is looking to save a little money and make things go further than usual. Traditional catering solutions can be quite expensive and, in many instances, less than inspiring. When you are looking to get maximum value for money, you expect an all round great deal. Whilst other Uxbridge solutions may leave you wanting more, hog roast won’t let you down. Hog roast represents really great value for money and certainly one of the best tasting solutions you’ll find when it comes to feeding a large number of people. You see an Uxbridge hog roast can easily feed around one hundred people. That’s a lot of people and enough for most events.

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Hog roast can also add a classy touch to your Uxbridge event. Many people expect the same old sandwiches, cold meats and salads at functions but hog roast really is something that little bit extra special. For a start, this is real fresh cooking from a dedicated hog roast chef. No prepacked tasteless food that you can buy in the local supermarket for half the price. This is prime pork with juicy, succulent flavours and crispy crackling. It also looks the part with the splendid looking hog roast machine forming a majestic centrepiece to your function.

Hog roast may not have the sci fi magic of a light sable nor the comic robot appeal of C-3PO however hog roast really can add a touch of movie star magic to your Uxbridge event.

Hog roast Uxbridge are the leading hog roast caterer in the area and are here to offer you fresh catering ideas for your next event with a wide range of produce available to us we give you something different for your function, a much needed change from the usual food often found on today's catering firms menus. Hog roasting is an old method of cookery used all over the world but we give it a modern take with our top quality roasters that do all the hard work for you, we only use the very best equipment and you can see this for yourself with the amazing results our fantastic roasters achieve, the food we serve is top class and we can feed a lot of guests with ease a great way to make sure all your family and friends are involved in your next event, catering for lots of people can be a nightmare and expensive, this often leads to you cutting down invite numbers but with a hog roast supper you can feed up to one hundred guests with ease, our honey roast pig always goes down a treat just check our testimonials and pictures. Hog roast Uxbridge combine great cooking with fantastic service and our team are here to make sure your day runs smoothly with great food on top a sure fire winner for any occasion large or small our cookers can handle it when you add a professional chef in to the mix with the best produce around it provides an amazing centrepiece for any event and it is more original than pies and sandwiches, fresh, tasty food cooked in front of your very eyes while you enjoy the party atmosphere and catch up with old friends and family, the way an event should be enjoyed, hassle free with the best food around. We have a vast array of produce available to us so do not feel limited to our tasty pork dishes as our versatile roasters can cook most types of meat to perfection and we also welcome any requests for certain varieties if we can cook it we will cook it. Chicken and turkey are on our menu as the perfect white meat choice for our roasters, we season only with with the best and lemon and thyme is a great combination though salt and pepper works just as well, the choice is yours as we always cater to the customers taste, turkey is great at Christmas but we can cook it at any time of year, slow roasted turkey is the best and fabulous to taste, another choice you can take is slow roasted beef and we only get the best beef our farmers have to offer, we always source locally so we get the freshest stock available making sure the meats of choice are the best they can possibly be this reflects on the taste of our food and you will not be disappointed with the results. Fish is also on our menu with roasted salmon and wild trout amongst our most popular choices but if there is a variety we haven’t mentioned please contact one of our team or if you have your own source that is fine too. Catering is our main calling but we also have a hire service where you can hire one of our roasters yourself, we provide the apparatus you provide the produce, we are here to simplify your event and get quality food to your guests plates and bellies with minimal fuss and hassle on your part. Hog roast hire Uxbridge only use the best equipment available and this gives you ultimate control over the food being cooked as our cookers look after themselves all you do is baste and season and serve, our roasters really are that good. If you have any questions regarding hosting your own hog roast hire Uxbridge banquet than feel free to contact a member of our friendly staff and they will gladly help you along with any enquiries about our equipment, the produce we use, where it is sourced, feel free to ask us anything, we have the know how and we want to give you the same confidence when booking our catering services, we promise you will be back to use our firm again and again with many happy customers already using us what are you waiting for pick up that phones and try a traditional hog roast banquet for your next event, you will not be disappointed.