Hog Roast Wakefield

Hog roasting is one of the most traditional ways of cooking meat in England. It dates back to at least a thousand years ago and is still going strong today with hog roast Wakefield offering an unforgettable service to the Wakefield area. Ranging from a special meal for an intimate party to a banquet for up to 3,000 people, we are able to provide the food and the service to truly impress your guests.

We bring with us the Spit Rotisserie which will the day's star of the show. As the hog roast Wakefield event goes on you will see your friends and family gathering round to watch the pig slowly being cooked to true succulent perfection. The smells and sounds coming from the roasting pork will be truly amazing, especially when you are able to get your hands on some of the crackling. But if pork isn't to your taste we also offer a whole host of other meats for your special occasion. These can include home made burgers, free range chicken or turkey and sirloin of beef. The produce that we use is only of the highest quality as we are well aware of the importance of the food on offer. While originally the spit would have been operated by the servant boy, slowly turning the pig for up to six hours until it is cooked, we now have our specialised and highly experienced hog roast Wakefield chefs to ensure the meat is cooked to true perfection. As well as the chef we can also provide our own waiting staff who have dealt with many banquets in the past. When the party nears its end we will quietly and efficiently clean away all traces of the feast, leaving the area spotless for the next day.

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A hog roast Wakefield could be used for so many different special occasions and with the knowledge of our cooking staff we are able to cater for a variety of potential requests. How about adding a banquet with a bit of a twist to your Wakefield hog roast wedding catering ? Our staff are fully aware of the importance of the day and will take good care with all of your considerations to allow you to focus on planning other areas of the most important event of your life.

If you feel the personal touch would be more suited then you could rent out a hog roast machine for your own event. This will be the ideal way to impress some friends for an intimate event and for an additional fee we can also provide you with the pig as well.

We can cater for the whole of the Wakefield region and can add something special to spice up whatever event you may happen to have in mind!

Please do not hesitate to call us if you are thinking of having your own hog roast hire in Wakefield.