Hog Roast Walton on Thames

In the north west of Surrey you will find Walton-on-Thames. A town with a population of approximately 23,000 that survives mostly by agricultural farming. They have an amazing market of fresh produce and are well-known for their weekly car boot sales. This town boasts no less than five bridges over the River Thames, all built at various times in its history for various reasons, but all still in use. Walton-on-Thames has a past that includes fighting during both World Wars. WWI saw New Zealand countrymen aiding in battles at Walton-on-Thames, an enduring respect and appreciation for their efforts still exists to this day with memorials to be seen throughout the area. As well, WWII saw fighting through various bombings by the Luftwaffe.

I was asked to cater their weekly car boot sale this past summer; and, fortunately for all comers, it was an unusually dry and warm day! I brought along my Titan Roasting Machine which is one of two machines that I had purchased a few years previous when I’d decided to go full-time into the hog roast business. This machine is tops for not only affordability (it pays for itself after just one or two events), but it rates top of its game in manoeuvrability, handling, clean up, and maintenance. The Titan comes with sturdy tyres that aid in getting around, no matter what the terrain. And after use, the clean up is very easy. You only need warm water, soap and a little elbow grease, to take it back to pristine cleanliness.

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The Titan can roast a big beast, too, and on this particular day I decided to purchase a locally-grown and fed Gloucester Old Spot hog weighing in at 50 kilos. To kick off Hog Roast Walton-on-Thames, and as I normally do, I arrived way before the car boot sale itself opened to the public. I easily found my spot and set up the Titan for work. As easy as the entire machine is in every way, a man still needs a bit of help shifting a 50 kilo beast onto the spit roaster! It can take quite a bit of time to get the hog roasted to perfection, so starting early is key. I put a lot of jacket potatoes on to roast after a few hours’ time as well. My assistant came along and helped with setting up the condiments table with plates and cutlery, sauces for both sandwiches and potatoes, warm soft buns will also be on hand later in the day. I make a point to provide homemade applesauce as well as sage and onion stuffing, both of which make welcome additions to any roast pork sandwich.

Soon the scent of roasting meat filled the area and people began to gather round. I always take this opportunity to answer questions, hand out my business card, and explain that these wonderful machines do not always have to be purchased outright. We will always be happy to supply them as part of their varied hog roast hire Walton-on-Thames packages. You can hire one along with a chef, waiting on staff, and various selections on menus as well. It’s all very flexible and affordable, too.

Hog roast Walton on Thames catering is growing in the UK as a preferred method of outdoor entertaining, especially during warmer weather. There’s something very appealing to the idea of cooking outdoors. It takes us back to our roots, I suppose. We are here to help you with all of your needs. They’re always happy to discuss their hog roast hire Walton-on-Thames packages and can mix and match them to suit.

Well, Hog Roast Walton-on-Thames was doing very well indeed. I can truthfully say that every hog roast event I have ever catered has been a success, with me selling out or with very little leftover. It stands to reason that weather is an issue, but if the forecast is a bit iffy, I always bring along my marquee which keeps the worst of the weather at bay. And the catering business is pretty much a self-perpetuating business as I make new contacts everywhere I go. There’s no better combination than patriotism, good healthy food, untold amounts of fun and cheap things on sale, and lots of lovely people and that’s what we had that day in Walton-on-Thames. I can safely say that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did thanks in no small part to my hog roast hire Walton on Thames machine.