Hog Roast Warlingham

Warlingham in Surrey is a tiny village whose most recent claim to fame, if you want to call it that, is that most of the Battle of Britain was fought in its skies. Warlingham forms a corridor in the Surrey countryside that German war planes would take to get through to London. There are two RAF bases nearby as well. But today, it’s mainly home to people who work in London and commute to work. In the main portion of Warlingham is a Village Green where a war memorial stands to commemorate the brave WWII soldiers who fought the Battle of Britain. It was on this village green that a celebration was to take place in respect of these men and women who fought so bravely. And it was for this celebration that I was hired to cater a hog roast in good old English style.

Not knowing how many people to expect, I brought along my Zeus Professional Hog Roasting Machine which I’d purchased some years back. The Zeus is an absolutely incredible machine for durability, ease of use, and spectacle. I purchased a locally-grown and fed hog and brought along a couple big sacks of potatoes so that I could roast a load of jacket potatoes inside the Zeus. The machine couldn’t be easier to use, or to manoeuvre on uneven terrain, but at the point when you’re ready to heft an 80 kilo hog onto the spit, you do need a bit more backbone than one man can provide! My assistant was on hand to help with this as well as to ensure that a table of worthy hog roast condiments was set up next to the Zeus so that people could put together their own idea of heaven on a bun. I like to make sure there’s always plenty on hand so that everyone can make delicious combinations. So there’s always piles of plates and cutlery; warm, soft buns; lashings of homemade applesauce; sage and onion stuffing; and sauces for both sandwiches and potatoes.

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I arrived early for hog roast Warlingham, as is usually the case, because it can take some time before a whole hog is ready to be served. It’s so easy to prepare the beast as well, with only a bit of water and a salt rub to get it started on its way to perfection. As soon as the aromas began wafting around the Green, I was happy to see people beginning to make their way over to the festivities as well as to my area. People are fascinated with how the machine works and are always full of questions for me about methods of cooking and associated costs. This is where I get to meet a lot of interesting people and hand out my business card to anyone planning an event in the future. The Zeus, as well as other machines they are number one in the industry for all the right reasons.

We will also work with anyone setting up an event to offer a hog roast hire Warlingham package to suit their needs. They have over 20 years’ experience in the catering industry and I have always found them to be flexible and affordable in what they offer. What a lot of people aren’t aware of is that you don’t have to purchase these machines outright. They can be hired from us as part of their many and varied hog roast hire Warlingham packages. They not only offer their machines for hire, but also a chef, waiting on staff, as well as varied menus to suit any occasion. I often ring them up if I’m asked to cater an event such as a large wedding. But, for community-based outdoor events, I can normally handle everything along with my faithful assistant.

Fortunately, the weather held for us on the day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. To start off the day, there were plenty of short and sweet speeches from various townsfolk and retired servicemen showing their appreciation for the deeds of their forebears. There was a rousing fly-by in the middle of the day by the Red Arrows as well, so that was exciting.

So, hog roast Warlingham was a perfect day filled with patriotism and lots of good, healthy, well-cooked food, and plenty of friends and neighbours thrown in. There’s nothing better than raising a toast (or a hog roast!) to those who have fought to keep this country safe.