Hog Roast Watford

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘north of Watford’. Of course this usually refers to northern England and is often a bit of mild insult, inferring that little of any significance ever happens in that part of the UK. Of course, we know that’s not the case at all, and to include Watford and its eighty thousand people in the phrase is also a bit of an insult in itself, as Watford has a proud history in its own right.

This Hertfordshire town’s people probably love a good event, be it business or pleasure, but I wonder if the hog roast phenomenon has hit Watford yet? Has hog roast Watford fever taken hold yet.

Hog roast Watford fever refers to the ever increasingly popularity of hog roast as the new food of choice at events and functions throughout the UK. Hog roast is starting to become a new favourite for people when planning events such as wedding receptions, christenings, birthday get togethers, anniversaries, family meet ups those all important corporate events of which Watford will enjoy its fair share.

If you are planning an event then you really should consider making it a hog roast Watford event. The reasons are plentiful.

Corporate events simply have to be just right. These are events where you are in effect showing your colleagues, potential clients and business associates that your business does things the right way rather than the easy way. You don’t impress anyone (other than the company’s financial controller) by laying on cheap catering. You need to get the food right. You could go the simple route and choose one of the perennial catering options that everyone has had before but do you not think your Watford guests expect and deserve something more than that?

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This is why hog roast is the perfect solution. Hog roast shows that you are prepared to think out of the box and take a different approach to everything, including catering at corporate events. It also shows that you care about great tasting food, because hog roast is just that. This is something that your Watford guests will find out as soon as they take their first taste of hog roast.

Hog roast is much more than just a great tasting meal though: it’s a statement. The whole hog roast cooking process is a visual treat for you and your guests. They can sit back and enjoy watching the hog roast caterer tending to the slow roasting whole pig and savour the incredible aromas as the roasting nears completion. The chef can then carefully carve and professionally serve the pork as one of most incredible plates of delicious tasting food you will ever enjoy.

There can be no better meal to set you and your Watford guests up for a great evening. Corporate events are notorious for being the nursery of new ventures and big deals, so make sure you get fuelled up with a fantastic hog roast dinner before you commence with such an important evening.

Introducing hog roast Watford the leading hog roast caterer around, we offer you a chance to try the newest way to cater for your next function, we cover all events from weddings to birthdays with a service second to none with top quality food sure to make any occasion a memorable one. We break the boundaries when it comes to food and we offer up some of the finest produce the south has to offer, our honey roasted pig is the finest tasting pork around and suits all occasions, it adds a real ambiance to proceedings and gives the guests a real talking point to keep the atmosphere buzzing with anticipation for the foods arrival, we assure you its a winner with even the fussiest guest. Hog roast Watford have catered for many style events and we offer the dame fabulous service to all our customers, our standards never drop regardless as you will tell by the food we serve and the top class service we provide, in our eyes service and originality are only out done by the food we prepare for you and our produce is the finest and freshest available as we only source locally ensuring the best possible quality. Hog roasting is a great way to know what you are eating as we only use natural ingredients with no artificial additives, all we have is the seasoning and the produce, we season the way you like so if you have a special seasoning in mind just ask one of our approachable team and we will have the answers for you. Hog roast hire Watford also rent out our top quality equipment if you like the thrill of cooking and are a more hands on person, you can just take one of our roasters and the produce or provide your own either way suits us whatever makes your day easier and relaxing, the roasters we use are of the highest quality and are used easily by even the most novice of cooks, we only buy and use the best to ensure you get the best, once you have seen our roasters in action you will agree they produce amazing results but are overall easy to use with little effort on your part. Hog roast hire Watford have the know how and skills to pass you the tools so you can host a flawless hog roast supper for your friends and family and be the hero of the hour when you serve up some of the best home cooked grub they have ever tasted, this cooking method seals all the juices in and leaves the meats the most juicy and tender they will have tried, our roasters beat traditional cookers hands down and we cook lots of varieties of meats with amazing results, it has to be tried to be believed. If you like other types of meat and not over keen on pork you can try another one of our locally sourced meats we have a vast menu and we also take ideas on board, if we can cook it on one of our roasters then feel free to provide us with the produce. Lamb is the nations favourite when it comes to Sunday roast and when slow roasted on our top quality cookers you will see how tender and moist lamb really is when cooked properly, we usually season with mint on this meat and its a really fresh taste that really compliments the lamb to perfection. We love fish one our cookers and fish is a great way to cater for more stylish events such as weddings and wild roasted salmon is on top of our regular customers lists but feel free to pick a different kind if we can provide it we will. Beef is also a top meat and popular with most people, we get the best cuts ready for roasting for plump and juicy steaks or perhaps rib racks you decide, that choice is yours. Chicken is also a Sunday roast classic and a great white meat choice if red meats aren't for you, we season with just lemon and thyme and when slow roasted on our modernised cookers they stay moist and tender another great choice plus chicken is good for smaller events when a pig would be too much.

With all these fabulous choices available surely its time you picked up the phone and got a quote from one of our friendly team, we are here waiting for your call.