Hog Roast Welshpool

You know when you were little and people asked you what you wanted to be as a child, most people in your class would say things like nurse, teacher, racing driver or as my friends daughter told me the other day she wanted to be on “TOWIE” (how do you respond to that??) I always said I wanted to be a caterer! I was the child who spent hours playing with her toy kitchen, throwing make believe tea parties and more importantly watching and learning from my Mum in the kitchen. I like the way food brings people together, as kids we’d all sit at the kitchen table as Mum cooked, chatting and laughing. As an adult, I love throwing dinner parties for my friends and I think the best part of my job now is I watch the guests at the parties I cater for. I love to watch them gathering their food and standing chatting.

What better way to taste life in rural Welshpool than experience a day in the beautiful, authentic Market Town of Welshpool. Known to many locals as the ‘Gateway', this picturesque and historic town is home to many hidden gems such as the medieval Powis Castle with a collection of past treasures at the Clive Museum and one of the largest sheep markets in Europe.

Time stands still here and gives visitors that much needed break from the hustle and bustle of modern city life. On the outside though, and to those not in the know, Welshpool could seem tame. But visit it and you will experience a town full of festive fun, delicious food and copious amounts of drink, a great place to be a hog roast hire Welshpool caterer.

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Food and drink play an important part of this countryside community with many fine eateries and catering facilities centred around the town and nearby localities offering speciality dishes and meals to satisfy the hungriest of hungers. With all food sourced locally from fisheries and farms. But what would you expect from a thriving agricultural town that is home to one of the largest one day food markets in Europe?

Nothing works up a quench for thirst and a taste for good, local hog roast Welshpool catering than a jolly good festival. And there are lots of community gatherings and festival goings-on centred in and around Welshpool during the summer and winter months. May sees the start of the Welshpool Carnival; closely followed by the annual Country and Western Festival where a good old fashioned hog roast Welshpool meal is a must in amongst the song and dance; then there is the Agriculture Show in August which showcases everything rural including the culinary delights and expertise of Welshpool’s catering industry; and even in Winter, when a good hearty meal and a plentiful drink are part and parcel of the Welshpool Winter Festival.

Some people might think that businesses such as the catering industry might suffer in a small rural town like Welshpool, but it is the contrary. With so many traditional and up and coming festivals targeted in this Welsh border town, the opportunity to provide mouth-watering, locally produced food and drink is as plentiful as the portion sizes on people’s plates. And that is not only good for the catering business as a whole, but for those visitors who like to taste all aspects of the local culture, especially the food.

I’ve worked as a hog roast hire Welshpool cater for a few years now and I’ve done everything from private parties to events and weddings. The most bizarre wedding I was asked to do was a medieval themed one, where the bride and groom were dressed up as Maid Marion and Robin Hood, the best man was Little John and I’m sure you can guess who the vicar was! There was even a comedy appearance by the bride’s Dad as the Sherriff. The hog roast Welshpool was very much the centrepiece of the celebrations. It was also a stretch of my catering talents as the couple wanted a largely traditional feast, so as well as the hog roast, I served meats such as lamb and beef. Cheese and baked apples, which were accompanied by beer, wine and mead. The only non-traditional medieval dish was a chocolate fudge cake, which was the bride’s favourite!

So whatever the weather, wrap up or strip off and experience all that we have to offer. But make sure you leave room to tuck into hog roast hire Welshpool catering that will have you wanting more. A lot more.