Hog Roast West Molesey

West Molesey, Surrey is located along the River Mole. Its history is held together by the milling industry. Mills were used for grinding flour and animal feed as well as preparing the saltpetre for use in gunpowder. There used to be two reservoirs within West Molesey which were made defunct and as late as 2009 were turned into a wetlands and nature reserve. West Molesey has proudly produced a Theatre Club and it was this group that invited me to cater one of its entertaining events on a warm August night. The event, compared to many that I have catered, was small. It was, of course, set outdoors, and I was to provide the hog roast. I decided to offer a range of meats such as lamb, hog and chickens as well as provide a good quantity of hot roasted jacket potatoes. We decided to call this event hog roast West Molesey.

I brought along my assistant who would ensure that the condiments table was set up and brimming with all the usual fare, such as homemade applesauce and sage and onion stuffing slices. On this occasion, as well, I decided to use my Titan Hog Roaster, which can roast up to 85 kilos of meat. It is also one of the easiest machines to use in terms of manoeuvring as it comes with a set of sturdy tyres that can access a number of different terrains easily. I arrived early for hog roast West Molesey as I often do to ensure the food is ready to be served on time. I can take some time before a large hog is finished roasting. Right away, I threw a number of potatoes into the oven and set about ensuring the meat would be cooked to perfection right on time.

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The Titan Hog Roasting machine, which I purchased a few years ago, needs very little maintenance. In fact, you can arrange for our own gas engineers to come around each year to do the annual checkup. As well, after any event, the Titan Roaster is extremely easy to clean, using just warm water and soap. With very little work maintaining them, these machines can pay for themselves within a very few events.

Hog roasting is a profitable business, too. There is very little waste to the meat you cook. In particular, the Titan can keep the food warm as long as you’ve got gas. As well, the spit roaster works off electricity and very little at that! Should you decide to create an event that features hog roasting, you can easily contact The Chef and Griddle Company. They can help you put together a hog roast hire West Molesey package to suit your needs. I have found them to be very flexible and very affordable as well.

When I’m cooking the meat, there’s always a moment when the enticing aromas waft out across the venue. And this is when people begin to meander over to my area. I have found people are full of questions about the roasting process and the machines. There’s something very satisfying about cooking your own food in the great outdoors. And when weather permits, it can be one of the singularly most exciting things a person can do. Combine that with friends and family, and you’re onto a winner!

When these folk arrive and start asking questions, I get to blow my own horn by explaining the way a hog roast caterer works. But most importantly, really, at the end of the day, it’s all good, healthy, food that’s the attraction. Roasting the meat on these machines reduces the amount of fats consumed because they drip off the meat in the cooking process, but without drying the meat at all. Your meat stays juicy and moist to the end.

As is usually the case, my experience at hog roast West Molesey was that it was a success. I enjoy what I do, meeting new people, and talking about hog roasting in general, so I had a very good time as well. If you are interested in being your own caterer or are thinking of a hog roast hire West Molesey package, speak to the folk at Chef and Griddle. All of our packages are affordable and they work within your needs in a very professional way. Their staff are always respectful, on time, and efficient.