Hog Roast Weston Super Mare

At Hog Roast Weston Super Mare we offer you beautiful meats at affordable prices. We offer a first class service which has propelled us to the fore front of hog roasting in the area today. Hog roasting slowly cooks the meat over a number of hours to absolute perfection which is pleasing on the pallet as well as the senses. We are the pioneer Hog Roast Caterer in Weston Super Mare and once you tasted our tantalising meats you will have to agree. We offer you a different style to the standard meal or BBQ which you have become used to also cost effective and virtually hassle free. Hog roasting will suit any occasion from weddings, birthdays to anniversaries any occasion can benefit from a hog roast cook out. We cater for the larger event including charity events, fetes and so on with one Pig feeding over 100 people it’s the problem free way to cook, with our hog roasting machines being of the highest quality we can supply that perfect slice of meat. Hog roast is as we say is a virtual hassle free way to cook and will keep all bellies filled and satisfied leaving you to socialise with your friends without the worry of cooking yourself. With the latest up to date equipment being used we can cater indoors virtually smoke free or outdoors for the grander event depending on where your occasion is being held, there is no event too big or too small for our hog roast machines.

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Our hog roast company directly operates out of Weston Super Mare but we do work the local areas sharing the love that is hog roast heaven. All of our employees are polite, professional and fully versed on what is required to make your day spectacular. Hog Roasts have been taking since the Medieval times and there is no better smell to the senses than that of roast pork filling the air, giving your guests a treat for the nose and the stomach, the anticipation will grow whilst waiting for the meat to be dished up. It’s tried and tested and has been around for hundreds of years so why haven’t you booked a tasty Hog Roast yet? All our meats are locally sourced and are organicly reared giving you the best quality choice of meats for the best quality prices. Our produce is patiently roasted to perfection by our fully trained chefs, complying with all food hygiene regulations making sure your day is all about you. All our animals are slaughtered humanely and seasoned to perfection before it makes its way to the hog roast machine. Our policy is to make sure you have the most amazing day possible with happy memories for years to come. So with everyone happy on your special day what are you waiting for? Our apparatus is state of the art and second to none it is also available for hire at reasonable rates so that you could simply hold your own roast and be the speaking point of your friends for months to come. Our machines are simple and easy to use giving you with the chance to host your own hog roast hire Weston Super Mare as well as impressing your friends and family. Instead of hiring our professionals you could cook the meat yourself just the way you like it with the seasoning of your choice so its just the way you like it, we promise that there is no better gratification than watching the faces of your guests as they taste some of the best meat they have ever cooked. Hog Roast Weston Super Mare is waiting for your booking now. All our rates are realistic and suited to the consumer so no matter what your budget is you all can afford a slice of the finest meats available. So don’t delay and book your very own hog roast spectacular today.