Hog Roast Winchester

A pig with crispy crackling skin, moist meat that falls apart when cut into full of flavoursome juices. Poultry at is absolute best succulent and so moist. Lamb tender and melts in your mouth an absolute explosion of flavours. Meat cooked to perfection from the best chefs in the business. Hog roast Winchester catering offer all the above and more! We are leaders in the catering world and have got where we are today due to hard work and commitment. Hog roast hire Winchester are a family run business going back decades, we cook using the same methods of our antsisters but we have made the process much easier by the use of our sophisticated machinery. We are heart of the community and well known in this fantastic city with lots to do and see and its picture post card scenery there really is no place like it! Hog roast Winchester catering go back generations and we have strong roots here from a well respected family of caterers. Hog roast hire Winchester supply you with only the finest quality produce and we never ever settle for anything less. Ordering a party from us is so simple and straightforward give us a ring and we will arrange to come and visit you whatever day and time suits you. We bring our colour booklet showing our delicious meats in all its glory and our menu plans which are so mouth watering.

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We then let you select your meal plan and give you the best price we can, we buy in huge volumes from all our suppliers and we always pass on the savings to our customers. When we arrive at your venue we really put on a spectacular event we have our machines all standing to attention spotless and gleaming and filled with meat we have the pig central for all to see and as it lies there for all to see it really is the show stopper of any party! Our staff are on the go from the moment we arrive until the moment we leave. Making sure your guests are all well catered for and ever whim our dedicated staff see too. We keep the children well entertained with our stories of hog roasting and how it was used right back in cave men times our staff know their stuff and love telling the story of hog roasting! We normally get a standing ovation when the carving is done it is always a pleasure to see. Our chefs carve the meat with such precision and skill and place the meat on huge silver platters ,which our waitresses are there to receive and they serve the meat immediately. The place falls silent as the guests begin to eat and their faces tell it all! We also have a hire side to the business, which is extremely popular you can hire one of our fantastic machines, which come in an array of sizes and host your own party! And why not its not just our top class chefs that can cook on our machines you can too! We will show you how to operate the machines and make the most wonderful meat you have ever tasted, your guests will be flabbergasted, amazed, think you are a world class renound chef but we know the secret is the machines and of course the quality of the meat which we can supply you with and deliver it to you free of charge you couldn’t ask for more! This is proving really popular and we have been receiving lots of orders for our hiring side of the business. To be honest this was a joke by a family member who suggested we should hire the machines out to the public and we all laughed then the next week we did! We are always looking for new ideas and we welcome any you may have. We have over the years built up good friendships with our customers and have catered for one girls christening 3 birthdays and wedding over the years now that I what you call growing up with hog roasting we are now like extended family and believe it or not we are now catering for their son’s christening in may and we could not be happier and think it such an honour. Hog roasting we believe once you try it you will never go back, hog roasting is all about the taste the taste of real British food made the best and only way fresh...