Hog Roast Windlesham

Windlesham, Surrey is located near the Berkshire border. It has enjoyed a quiet history compared to some English villages, with most of its past devoted to farming and brick-making. Brick-making was a valued art back in medieval times and a large area, called brickfields, still exists within Windlesham. The holes used to make the bricks are now doing time as ornamental ponds.

Hog roast Windlesham was set to take place at one of their very oldest pubs which boasts a beer garden. This venue is often used for community outdoor events and I was very pleased to be asked to cater a hog roast for them. I arrived early, as I usually do, trailing my roadworthy Titan Spit Roasting Machine which I purchased a few years. This machine is the ‘bee’s knees’ of spit roasters and can easily cook a beast up to 85 kilos.

For this event, I purchased a locally bred and fed Gloucester Old Spot hog and being unable to use my regular assistant this time, I decided to ask Chef and Griddle to provide a hog roast hire Windlesham assistant to help ensure that everyone was served in a timely manner. They can also provide everything from a hog roasting machine and roaster to an entire menu, should you need one. We were lucky on this summer weekend with the weather. It wasn’t exactly sunny and warm, but I can report Surrey was experiencing a calm day with only a mild drizzle. Therefore, I was able to easily set up my machine to one side in the beer garden. On this occasion, I kept the menu simple and set the roaster up with one whole hog of about 50 kilos. I threw a number of potatoes into the oven and set about ensuring the meat would be cooked to perfection right on time.

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The machine, which I purchased a few years back, needs very little maintenance and that can be done on an annual basis by our own gas engineers. It really is a no-hassle way to work! After any event, the Titan Roaster is extremely easy to clean, using just warm water and soap. With a little TLC, these machines can pay for themselves within a very few events. At this event, I made sure there were plenty of condiments on the side such as applesauce and a big loaf of sage and onion stuffing, which I keep warm in the oven and slice into thick slabs for inclusion in pork sandwiches.

I have been a hog roast caterer in and around the UK for a few years now, and I have found that it’s a profitable business as there is very little waste to the meat you cook. In particular, the Titan can keep the food warm as long as you’ve got gas. As well, the spit roaster works off electricity and very little at that! One of my favourite times during the roasting process is when the people begin to arrive and the enticing smells of the roasting meat pull them over to my area. There is a great deal of interest in outdoor cooking in the UK, perhaps because the weather can make it a rare event in some ways! This is the time I get to blow my own horn by explaining the way a hog roast caterer works. But most importantly, really, at the end of the day, it’s all good, healthy, food that’s the attraction, with very little fat. Roasting the meat in this way reduces the amount of fats consumed because they drip off the meat in the cooking process, but without drying the meat at all. Your meat stays juicy and moist to the end.

I must say, hog roast Windlesham was a roaring success! I enjoy what I do, enjoy meeting new people, and enjoy talking about hog roasting in general, so I had a very good time as well. If you are interested in being your own caterer or are thinking of a hog roast hire Windlesham package, speak to the folk at Chef and Griddle. They’re easy to work with and have over 20 years’ experience in the trade. Their packages are affordable and they work within your needs in a very professional way. Their staff are always helpful, on time, and treat the guests with the utmost respect. That’s why all the events they cater run smoothly.