Hog Roast Witney

It is always summertime in Witney! So long as there is good food, good music and good people to share it with. Hog roast Witney is bringing sunshine from our food and from our hearts to the parties and to the events of Witney. There is nothing in this world as mouth watering or as gastronomically enticing as the full fat aroma of the cooking pig. Or as it is in this case The Hog Roast!

We are catering perfectly to cosy parties of 30 and to great, big, huge events of thousands alike. We come along good and early to set up. One gazebo, two gazebo, three gazebo, more . . . up they go ready to house whatever scale of catering facilities you will be needing. The hog roasting machine is impressive, but easy to get going and BOY! once the pig is on it you know there is a grand hog roast Witney feast in store. Freshness is our buzz word. All our food is prepared and cooked right there live at your event. It is our want to help enrich the party atmosphere you desire by creating food that will inspire your guests to have a good time. Dancing and laughing can be on any menu when the eating is right. And all kinds of right it will be when you see what is on our menu.

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I'll let you into a little secret . . . there is a whole lot more to us than hogs! Chicken and lamb, side dishes, salads and vegetables and much more besides. All this cooked fresh, right then and there for you and our vegetarian dishes are fabulous. We truly cater for all. This service we are bringing you has all the bells and whistles. That means that we come and supply you with all that is needed for a complete hog roast Witney event and then we clear it all way again when our part in your party is done. Quietly, efficiently, like we were never there. We pride ourselves on this as much as we pride ourselves on our sublime food and service.

Witney is an area of Oxfordshire known for its parties and celebrations. When the people of the world blew in to Witney they brought with them their rich, colourful and spicy culture. Over the decades this culture has run deep in the area and left its indelible mark on the society there, making it a wonderfully vibrant place to live. This we encapsulate in all that we do. Good food, music and dancing have always brought the people of the Witney community together. These things are at the heart of any worthy celebration of life.

When we come to do a hog roast Witney event, myself and the rest of the staff have a great time too. We are there to help and provide the best service available. We work hard and make an excellent impression everywhere we go. For us it's all about enjoyment and expressing our passion for life through our work and through our food.

Each and every event is a singular experience to us. That way it is a very special party for you too.