Hog Roast Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is an ancient town in the Midlands and within easy reach of the M6 which is what makes it such an excellent location for us at hog roast Wolverhampton: we can pack up our ovens, hit the motorway and be with you to roast you a fine organic pig in a matter of hours.

We think that high quality is essential in every ingredient for you to get the most out of your hog roast Wolverhampton for this reason we have worked hard to build up good relationships with our suppliers. We actually go the farms from which we buy our free range organic pigs, so not only do we absolutely know and understand how they are being farmed, we are also able to choose our pig which means we can choose exactly the right animal for the event, benefitting both us and our clients.

Being the soft hearted bunch we are though, we simply can’t get too attached to the pig as that would just make it too difficult to roast it later!

At hog roast Wolverhampton we really do work hard to ensure your event is a success: from sourcing the best ingredients to smaller details like the positioning of our gazebo. Whatever the weather, we will find the best spot to ensure either maximum shade from the sun or minimum dampness from the rain.

It really is important to us that your day goes well with no hitches or frustrations to blight the event: which is why we come equipped with chairs, tables, cutlery, even napkins and a retinue of well mannered, enthusiastic and professionally trained waiting staff.

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Because we are so enthusiastic about hog roasting, and because we want as many people as possible to experience and enjoy hog roasting, we try to make ourselves as flexible as possible. We can provide as little or as much food as you require; we can be the focal point of food at your event or we can be there to compliment the rest of the catering at your event. We will even come and cook YOUR pig for you or we can hire you one of our hog roast Wolverhampton machines so you can roast your own pig!

Our menus are also flexible and diverse enough to cater for any event from an informal BBQ at home to a formal wedding reception.

We understand that each event is unique and for this reason we can tailor any of our set menus to suit each specific event.

We also understand that not everyone eats pork and not everyone eats meat, so we have a wider selection of meats and vegetarian alternatives which all meet our exacting standards.

We are using our 20 years of experience in this business to provide a catering service of excellence to our clients all over the UK.

Our wisdom and accumulated knowledge, we know you will agree, can be tasted in every succulently melting bite of hog roast Wolverhampton pig we roast with care for you!