Hog Roast Worthing

Not all seaside resorts are the same. Most people think of kiss me quick hats, seagulls, fast food and dodgy postcards but some resorts tread a slightly different path, or at least have done so in the past. Worthing is one example of a resort that had slightly higher end appeal. In the late eighteenth century, Worthing became something of a more up market resort for those with a little more to spend.

Look at the town crest and you will see three fish. These refer to Worthing’s prosperous days as a mackerel fishing hamlet, so the town obviously recognises great food heritage. I wonder if Worthing would have considered including a hog as part of its crest, too. After all hog roast is a tremendous food that the people of Worthing would no doubt have enjoyed as much as mackerel. Hog roast Worthing, the seaside resort?

Okay, so hog roast Worthing doesn’t sound quite right but there is no reason to doubt the fact that Worthing may once have enjoyed its fair share of hog roast events in the past, and with the current resurgence in the popularity of hog roast, the hog roast Worthing tag may not be too far off the mark.

There are some good reasons why hog roast is enjoying something of a renaissance and it involves a number of factors. The main one is of course taste, because hog roast simply eclipses all other event food in this respect. This could be down to the fact that hog roast caterers choose only the best quality pigs from wholly reputable suppliers. After all, you simply can’t produce a great Worthing hog roast without the right pig.

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And then there’s the cooking. An immense amount of care is taken in the cooking of each and every hog roast. In fact, it may surprise you to learn that the typical Worthing hog roast will be slowly roasting away for a long six hours or so. Is it any wonder that hog roast meat tastes so ultra delicious? Slow roasting is the ultimate way to create great tasting meat, and the hog roast chef knows exactly how to do this.

Now think for a moment. The humble hog roast, which had been pretty much forgotten about for years, delivers slow roasted, freshly cooked quality meat. That sounds like a meal fit for the very best sort of Worthing event. No fast food, microwaved or pre cooked nonsense here. We are talking proper food.

So, all this fresh cooking for hours, the chef and the top quality meat. Well, surely it must be expensive? Not when you consider the fact that one average Worthing hog roast can feed around one hundred people. That’s a lot of people from one - albeit significant - joint of meat.

Worthing may have been the seaside resort of the well off back in its day but, with a hog roast as your main event catering solution, you don’t have to be rich to entertain like the rich.