Hog Roast Wrexham

Wrexham is real bustling town and did you know it actually boasts the longest aqueduct in Britain, it is called the Pontcysyllte built by Thomas Telford it is the longest and highest aqueduct in Britain.

The art of hog roasting is something to be attempted by many, yet mastered by few and it is fast becoming a firm favourite in Wrexham. The Spit Rotisserie is still the preferred choice to give the perfect slow cook to the pig while also keeping the outside crisp. Times have changed, however, and whereas in medieval times a servant boy would be turn the meat slowly over a fire, now it's the turn of the master chef to ensure the pig is cooked to perfection. The term “Spit Rotisserie” was first used in 15th Century France even though using a spit to roast meat on dates back centuries before.

With the rise in popularity of shows like Masterchef and Come Dine With Me a large portion of the UK now considers themselves a food critic. This gives any cook a far greater challenge when trying to properly season and roast a hog to the right texture. Having a whole pig turning round slowly on a giant spit with a natural fire underneath is always going to bring a lot of interest. With Wrexham being such a natural area of beauty this goes perfectly with the original settings used for hog roasts in centuries gone by. The whole experience is immensely expanded with the meat being cooked over a live flame. What could be better than sitting by the River Clywedog and enjoying some delicious hog roast Wrexham pork straight off the bone?

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A hog roast Wrexham could be a show stopper for so many different events. It could be the main meal at the most important day of your life – your wedding, a birthday party feast, a public event like a town fair or the ideal way to spruce up any other private party. Some specialists are even able to cater for events which feature up to 3,000 guests! As pork sadly isn't to everyone's taste there is also a chance to sample meats including lamb, beef, venison and chicken for that bit of variety. But it would be best saving the apple sauce for the pork. Furthermore, if you are looking for the more personal touch you could simply hire and operate the spit yourself which would be the perfect way to impress the neighbours!

As well as the expertise, having the best produce will go a long way when making a hog roast Wrexham with only the most succulent pigs truly wowing the customers. One of the great things about a hog roast is you are still able to get an amazing event when the location doesn't have any electricity or water. This leads to a pretty much endless choice in potential locations where the meal could take place.

Hog roast Wrexham can cater for the whole of the Wrexham area, offering the proper medieval banqueting experience. This also includes salads, deserts, soups and canapés to be added, giving some variety to the menu.