Hog Roast York

I am a firm believer that you can determine a town or city’s character from its architecture, and in York, you certainly have a city that has character by the bucketload. You cannot walk anywhere in this charming, fine city without noticing some wonderful old shop or architectural nod to the city’s colourful past. So, is this rich landscape matched by an equally rich love of quality food? Well, if there is a hog roast caterer serving the city then the answer must be a resounding ‘yes’!

I think that you must agree that hog roast in York could not be any more appropriate as a food for this city. Hog roast York is, as you know, a Medieval feast and you only have to look around York for a few minutes to see Medieval influences, so it is more than likely that the very houses and buildings around us were once filled with the incredible hog roast aromas.

Well, that aroma is back, and if you were in the market for a great catering solution for a big event that you have planned then you may want to consider making it a hog roast in York event, because hog roast really is the perfect modern answer to all your event catering needs. If your event is a party style event with family and friends or a business event where there are staff and clients to wine and dine, hog roast offers you so much more than the traditional catering staples. And if you are planning a wedding breakfast then hog roast simply has to be something you investigate further.

Hog roasts may have a reputation of being a rustic, round and ready meal but it is actually a quite stunning meat and is superbly flexible, making it ideal for almost any special occasion that you choose to think of. A definite all rounder and one that is very likely to surprise your guests with the most superb tasting meat.

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You may have experienced hog roast at a party before and this may have been as a hog roast bap – sometimes referred to as a ‘pig in a bun’ – and these are simply fantastic at any vibrant event where you want really great food without the formalities of a meal. But if you are organising a York event that requires a bit of decorum, you really do need to hear more about our gourmet hog roast options, which gives you the same great tasting meat but presented in truly professional manner that will impress anyone. And of course, who can fail to be impressed by the sight of a whole pig being slowly roasted on one of our superb hog roasting machines. There can be no better, more enticing sight to greet the guests at your party.

Hog roast York catering is freshly slow roasted at your event using only the finest locally sourced meat, so the quality is not in question. A York roast certainly echoes the majestic architecture of the city and it will bring smiles of utter satisfaction to the faces of all your guests. Medieval, modern and magic hog roast .

York is a city shrouded in a rich history. There can’t be many other cities that can match York’s colourful past, though as history tells us, it has not always been pleasant. Romans, Vikings...you name it, York has seen it, though thankfully it looks like the days of invasions and conquests are well and truly over for the city’s near two hundred thousand population.

In the city’s rich history there will certainly have been a fair share of celebratory meals and functions, pretty much like the people of York enjoy today, and one interesting piece of history is beginning to make a comeback in this part of the world. Hog roast has risen again from its slumbers and is starting to be seen as a wonderful alternative to traditional event and function food. Could it be that we will are seeing a new hog roast York after all these years? I think so.

Hog roast York of yesteryear would have been an atmospheric place to live and work. You can imagine walking through the Mumbles in York and (amongst other less appealing aromas) catching the scent of hog roast in the York air.

Hog roast York, and indeed all the other towns and cities across the UK, would all have been host to many a hog roast in their time and this would have made for some fantastic events, though these would probably have been attended by the wealthier members of society.

Times are changing. Twenty first century events are more open affairs and the appeal of hog roast is helping it gain a whole new audience, not just in York but all over the UK. This old medieval feast has found that it is gaining a whole new set of fans, but why is this?

Hog roast is a real event food. People like to make a statement these days. Think of modern day weddings with some of the outlandish church entrances and even more outrageous outfits: the traditional is no longer enough. People want something different. The same applies to food. People are bored with the usual catering offerings and want their choice of food to say as much about them as their clothes and music. Hog roast offers the people of York something new. An exciting back to basics meal that may be one of the most traditional feasts around but provides a visual and taste element that no amount of prawn sandwiches and barbeque chicken drumsticks can ever match. Hog roast ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect event food, in fact it makes you wonder why we ever lost faith in this amazing meat. And amazing it really is. Forget about the fact that hog roast is a visual feast treat and consider the fact that the hog roast has been slowly roasting for around six hours before you take your first mouthful. Six hours means great flavours and great flavours means very happy diners.

Hog roast is back with a vengeance in York. Another invasion but this time, it’s tasty!