Hog Roast Cleveland

People from all walks of life choose to dine on hog roasts for all sorts of occasions and they are never disappointed with this great and value for money way of feeding the guests at any party.. The average working family from Bishopton or Greatham can buy one from ourselves for as little as £395 for something that goes a long, long way this really does give great value for money whilst providing a super high quality catering solution. If distributed evenly, there can be enough from one single pig to feed up to 150 people with a tasty hog roast roll with apple sauce, stuffing or maybe a dab of mustard, which makes it ideal for weddings, birthdays and work parties.

One person who came to us for help is Dave Newman, a builder from Kirkleatham. Dave wanted to order a hog from us for his father's retirement party. As his father was fiercely patriotic, Dave felt that nothing was more English than a hog roast. On the day of the party, the reaction of Dave's dad was one of sheer joy. As he hadn't sampled roast hog since childhood, feasting on our meat mixed pleasure with nostalgia, and everyone present was full of praise for the job we did.

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“I'm so glad that I went to hog roast Kirkleatham for the hog. The meat was juicy and flavorful, and there was more than enough to go round everyone. This was the best idea I've ever had”, enthused Dave. “If anyone I know needs an idea for what to serve at a birthday, wedding or anything else like that, I'd be more than happy to recommend Hog Roast Caterer”.

As well as the man on the street from Guisborough, Marske-by-Sea, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Saltburn, the rustic, medieval charms of roast hog attracts people with more money on their hands. Captains of industry, local broadcasters, famous musicians and sportsmen alike have all come to us for our produce, and is a ringing endorsement of our quality. So next time you are looking for a new and interesting theme for your summer bbq look no further than a succulent roasted hog.

Locations we offer our services too: Teesside, hog roast Cleveland, Skelton, Stockton On Tees, Stokesley, Brotton, Thornaby, Yarm.

The North East, shrouded in history and tradition. Yet not afraid to break the boundaries, especially in the arena of Hog roast catered events.

Being a local, family run firm we have had decades of experience in the pursuit of food excellence. Through regular wedding catering events we have borne witness to some fantastic unions of people, who have become our close friends. Believing in positive feedback in order to better our hog roast services, we have quickly become the envy of our hog roast competitors, as even in economic dark times we have continued to grow, due to the people in this excellent region of the globe, who may be cash conscientious, but always know quality when they see it (unlike what we have to put up with on our football pitches)!

Building our own machines, through our own design process, was a necessary step in supplementing our catering aspirations. Needing to have a pig roasting machine which could beautifully roast a variety of animals within highly accurate time frames was a prime necessity. Having a hog roast machine that was aesthetically befitting of its potential event surroundings was another (bearing in mind we’ve catered for A-list functions). Having a machine that was guaranteed to perform again and again, without losing its ability to conduct itself perfectly was another key design factor. At our conception, and today amongst our competitors, these design briefs are still not met. This is partly why our hog roast Cleveland machines and pig spit machines are the best available on the market, with no exceptions, anywhere on the globe.

Making the most of tight tolerance laser precision engineering, thick and ultra-durable stainless steel is blended with total style, from the always wonderful input from the in house design team. The beautiful presence of the machine allows for almost emission free cooking allowing indoor hog roasting to be conducted with ease. All machines are CE marked and come with a comprehensive consumer warranty. We invite you to tour our showroom, you will be thrilled!

The effect that the mutual co-existence of catering aspect and machine manufacture aspect, has been constructive in numerous ways. Through continual catering, machine improvements over the years have been quickly designed and implemented through lessons learned ‘in the field.’ These changes are then subsequently tested at our own events and can be further honed. The end result, which is available to all through our machine purchasing department, is a comprehensive pig roasting machine, free from fault and full of delightful, useful and indestructible features.

Our hog roast catering team, alongside our events management team, utilise the finest organic ingredients. All our various meat products come from local farms, which can seem a million miles from Middlesborough! Through meticulous event planning, the use of the finest produce and the irresistible way our machines gently turn our perfectly seasoned meat over flickering, shimmering flames, it is no wonder that our customers, from A-list to local, keep coming back. And we’re confident you will too.

If you prefer, an exclusive hire offer allows you, our all important customers, the opportunity to try a spit roast from the caterers side of the fence! Getting to grips with a process steeped in tradition has never been so much fun, as the machines are ‘fool-proof.’ This cheaper alternative still gives that same great taste, with added privacy and the chance to do as you please.

More than a hog roast event, with us it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Bishopton, Boosbeck, Carlin How, Elwick, Eston, Great Ayton, Great Broughton, Greatham, Haverton Hill, High Leven, Hinderwell, Kirkleatham, Loftus, Longnewton, Moorsholm, Nunthorpe, Skinningrove, Slapewath, Staithes, Stillington, Thorpe Thewles, Wolviston.