Hog Roast Gloucestershire

If you are looking to have a hog roast Gloucester catering service at your next event, there are few better places to do it in the South West, perhaps the whole of the UK, than in Gloucestershire.

Filled with many picturesque towns and villages and some of the best countryside settings you will find, it has been to perfect setting for Hog Roast Gloucestershire to provide first class service and the finest food you will find anywhere.

We at have been providing excellant hog roast catering services to people all across the Gloucestershire region for a number of years now. We feel that we have been successful for a few simple reasons. Firstly, our food such as our delicious hog roasts and other meats which we slow cook on our roasts are some of the most delicious food you will eat.

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Our vegetables are also freshly produced from the surrounding areas so you know that you are getting the finest quality food possible in every area. Secondly, we are lucky to be surrounded by some of the most scenic areas in the whole of the UK, which many people see as the perfect setting for our delicious and unique hog roast catering service.

Combined with our first rate service by all our staff, Hog Roast Gloucester really is a fantastic option to have the next time you want to have a caterer at your next party or event. No matter what size the event is, our exquisite menus on offer and excellent services will definitely astound and amaze you.

The site of a delicious hog getting slowly roasted in the picturesque surroundings of Gloucestershire is definitely that will impress your guests. We offer a huge variety of other meats and side orders for you to choose from to make sure we provide you with the best service possible.

This is why we have quickly become one of the main outdoor catering providing in the area and why so many people have chosen us to cater for important events such as weddings or corporate meetings.

The joy of a hog roast cannot be overestimated. This is something that we had the delightful pleasure in finding out during the 1980’s.

Whilst running a highly successful engineering firm in the capital, it was common to be dining out on a weekly basis in some of the finest eating establishments in London. Through many friends and business acquaintances, we also found ourselves partaking in the festivities of catered wedding events all over the glistening capital city.

Due to a love of food and an extensive relationship with catering firms specialising in the manufacture of food preparation ovens, on scales large and small, we quickly started to realise that the gulf which separated the quality of food available in restaurants, compared to the food given to those at catered events, was incredibly vast.

During a meeting in Chipping Norton, as a family we agreed to pursue a highly ambitious venture. Capitalising on our huge array and collection of contacts within the catering industry, acquiring organic ingredients for our hog roast and the most exotic vegetables was never going to be an issue in the slightest.

The decision to centre on the pig roast was due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the taste and quality of meat when cooked in this way allows clients at catered events, such as weddings, to benefit from fantastic and wonderful meat, whilst also providing a relatively straightforward way, from the caterers point of view, for providing adequate quantities for a very large group of people.

With the vegetable, salad and meat sourcing taken care of, our initial forays into the world of catering highlighted many situations and scenarios which allowed our previous history in engineering to be of immense value. Due to the hog roasting and pig roasting machines available at the time, our operations were severely hampered. As the quality of the machines were of such a low nature, our ability to perform large indoor functions were non existent; the emissions and lack of structurally sealed units prevented it. As our meat was also organic, each animal to be slow roasted was of a varied weight, another element which presented huge logistical issues for the machines which lacked any sturdiness or ability to give industrial amounts of concentrated heat.

Now, our combined enterprise of catered functions and events alongside our hyper modern machine production facility, is the finest in the country. With a sales portfolio including the biggest names in the film and fashion world, international events as well as catering within this great county (such as last weeks hilarious charity event near Bream!) and the rest of the UK, our ability to provide exquisite menus to parties large and small has made us the clear leader in event catering in Gloucestershire.

Our state of the art hog roast Gloucester machines benefit from numerous trade patens and are so far advanced compared to our competitors that only a fool would buy elsewhere. Come to our contemporary showroom, have a look and see one in action before you buy.

Book an event, so you can taste true hog roast quality and witness service which will astound.

The county of Gloucester is a very important and integral part of the British Isles. Pivotal in the world of finance and the manufacture of aircraft during world war 2, the region understands its importance and relevance in both the global context and the national context respectively. Flanked by the Cotswold Hills, the Malvern Hills and the business regions associated with the M4 corridor, the port county of Gloucestershire is the hub of activity, epicentre of history and inspiration for the masses.

Most of all, Gloucestershire is our home. With financial centres embodied within the bounds of Cheltenham and Cirencester, we have conducted a huge number of wonderfully successful corporate hospitality functions. Understanding that the right atmosphere, mood and crucially food can help make a business meeting a deal-clincher, we approach all aspects of corporate hospitality with the same level of applied dedication which has helped make us the county’s premier hog and spit roast service provider. Our menus reflect our unflinching commitment to diversity and choice whilst also maintaining our traditional roots embodied within our unflinching, unwavering and unswerving stance towards using raw, whole creatures which we roast to a golden deferential beauty in front of your very eyes. Combined with super-slick and confident service, our corporate hospitality menus have been renowned and well known for their sheer brilliance and absolute top rate taste sensations. So if you want your business meeting to be a real hit, why not take us on board?

Our hog and spit roast wedding catered events have also been one of our major success stories. Combined with some of the most beautiful and stunning wedding venues available in the United Kingdom, Hog Roast Caterer Gloucestershire has enjoyed acquitting itself at the hundreds of wedding engagements it has graciously undertaken over the past two decades. Combining the theatrical magnificence of the turning, roasting and golden hog at your wedding with the sheer subtle delight of extensive menu options and varied cooking styles on behalf of our trained and qualified chefs has created a dining experience which many people find memorable. Due to the sensory experience which our hog roast service provides, our wedding menus allow you to combine a classy and theatrical environment with food that any other sit-down caterer couldn’t hope to match. Its all in the hog roast, and you now it makes absolute sense. It’s the way things are meant to be cooked and the history of mankind has seen no better.

Our hog roast Gloucester private party menus are the most celebrated aspect of our hog and spit roast services. Loving a garden party as much as anyone else, these party related functions are the kind of events which got us into the business. As soon as we had designed and improved upon the machine design at our company outset, it was the garden parties and private functions which had us enjoying ourselves and providing the food that we love to the people that we love. It started in Stroud and we can now make you proud!