Hog Roast Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire is famous for many things; its many wonderful attractions, its beautiful rural areas as well as bustling urban towns and cities and of course Robin Hood. But now it is becoming famous for something else.... It's becoming well know for the amazing hog roast feasts that we have been serving up all over the county. The traditional hog roast feast is not a new idea its a classic option that dates back many years in fact I'm sure Robin Hood himself would have enjoyed an early Nottinghamshire hog roast! However its only in the last few years that they have grown in popularity and become the firm favourite party food for anyone who knows their stuff.

Not only have they become so sought after but now the quality of the hog roasts available has also greatly improved. The reason for this is simple the hog roast caterer team have arrived on the scene to save the day and put quality and taste back on the agenda. When it comes to hog roast catering we don't cut corners we do everything the right way using only the best produce to bring the people of Nottinghamshire the finest hog roast possible. We use the best pigs from farmers in the surrounding area and cook them to pure perfection. Once its time to serve up the perfect pig we team it up with only the finest side dishes and extras. Salads and vegetable dishes created by us using locally grown fruit and vegetables, bread rolls fresh from the local bakers oven, and relishes and sauces that have been handmade by the hog roast caterer team.

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We take the wonderful fresh products that are locally sourced here in Nottinghamshire and mixed with our passion for food, catering expertise and sheer cooking talent we bring to you the finest hog roast and other meat roasts feast that Nottinghamshire has ever seen. But don't just take our word for it. why not try for yourself? Get in touch today and get the ball rolling for your very own Nottinghamshire hog roast from the hog roast caterer team I'm sure you will be more than impressed.

The famous county of Nottinghamshire is the proud home of the hog roast masters! Yet another string in the bow of the region, we have been instrumental in bringing real quality to the plates of our fellow countrymen as well as countymen. Insisting on absolutism when it comes to natural and organic produce, we have built up solid and sound relationships with farmers all over this pleasant region. Through this, our customers can take advantage of continually brilliant hog roast produce, which is always organic and sensationally fresh. With having a continual and constructive relationship with growers all over our region, not only do we allow ourselves to perpetually create magnificent dishes, but we also constructively foster our clients awareness as regards where their ingredients come from.

With many of our clients so surprised to see a pig in its entirety, or vegetables that appear misshapen, we find that our events often inadvertently become partially educational. Due to the fact that that our cooking and slow roasting methods give the best end result in terms of taste, our catering scenarios allow our customers to view ingredients in their raw form right through to the end state. Couple this with our belief that Nottinghamshire produces some of the finest produce in the United Kingdom and you can quickly come to terms with how fantastic a hog roast catered event can be when its done through us.

With our events team taking care of your every need regarding organisation and the finer details, all you need to do is sit back, relax and let the good times roll.

When evening approaches, amid the hills and tree-clad undulations of the shire, the cheer of the folks who are gathered emits a positivity, a strong breeze of cheerfulness able to touch those from miles around, from Colston Bassett to Hucknall to Plungar. A gathering, a party, to celebrate the years gone by. In dress, in splendour, the crowds mimic the exploits of their patrons, deceased in form yet all too alive in spirit. Robin Hood and Maid Marion, dancing with vigour and vim. Shadows are dancing on the spitted pigs, as the crowd carries on in the spirit of the occasion.

The hog roast food arrives at fruition as the collected population looks on in wonder. Crispy crackling, more than enough for all, as appetites are sated. Never before have many tasted the product of such ancient a process. Into the bellies goes meat so soft, so hearty. The seasoning and glaze adding subtle expressions of modernity and finesse, alongside the ability of the slow roasted pig to speak amply for itself. Natural vegetables, prepared with love, basted alongside the roasting pigs. Out in the wilderness, away from the lights, the noise and sounds of today. Tonight instead there is only us, conjoined in the spirit of humanity. The mortar that binds us is the food that delights us, a sensation to take us to heaven. A delicious hog roast is the maker of dreams, your companion as you waltz through bliss.

Locations we offer our services too: Burton Joyce, Cotgrave, Eastwood, Edwinstowe, Hucknall, Mansfield, Kirkby in Ashfield, Keyworth, Newark, Nottingham, Ollerton, Ravenshead, Retford, Ruddington, Shirebrook, Southwell, Sutton in Ashfield, Warsop, Worksop.

The mystical charm and natural beauty of Nottingham is only exceeded by the effortlessness and grace contained within the brilliant folk of the area. Form areas such as Worksop, Mansfield and Retford, the people of Nottinghamshire have taken us to their bosom, welcoming us like lost sons and comforting us when the winter arrives. Being the regions premier hog and spit roast catering service provider has given us the ability to provide thousands of the people in the region with food that we believe is the finest available in the land.

Here at Hog Roast Nottinghamshire, we love the history that forms the essential backdrop to the main focal point to our catering service; the hog roast and the spit roast. Dating back till to time immemorial, even primitive man was cooking and preparing meat in a fashion that is a direct descendant to the way in which we operate. In a world where the ‘quick fix’ is the desired norm, sometimes it is best to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation, and look through crystal-clear eyes. In many ways, our society, now a global one where people can communicate instantly across thousands of miles, has grown towards a progressive scenario that is full of wonders and magical advances, none more so than the fields of science and technology. However, it is of continual interest to us that the method of cooking embodied within the flame –lit and sepulchral bounds of the hog roast has not been bettered for the whole time that elapsed through the period when ‘man’ has been inhabiting the Earth.

Through our thirst for progress also, we have tempered our love for this historical method of food preparation by combining our love for the spit roast with the unceasing desire to improve it. We achieved this by embarking upon a journey of mechanical purity and engineering loyalty, in the form of the designing and building of our very own range of ho and spit roasting machines. Coming in a variety of guises to suit all budgets and the vast and various needs of our many customers and clients, these machines take the old form of roasting and improve it and hone it into a system that everyone can use. Not only this, but our machines boast features which not only make them completely market dominating, but also make them an indispensable tool for the modern and ambitious caterer. Utilising clean burning gas technologies, all of our hog and spit roasters can be used indoors as well as outside. They feature stainless steel and steering systems that allow you to cook anywhere, to effectively spit roast anything and to enjoy food how you like it and wherever you wish to eat it.

We use our own machines at our celebrated catered events. Providing bespoke tailored catering for royals and celebrities as well as people from all stratas of societal life, we specialise in party functions, corporate hospitality as well as our fabulous and meticulous wedding catered services. Want perfection? You’ve found it Locations we offer our hog roast Nottinghamshire services too.

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