Hog Roast Shropshire

The region and county of Shropshire is truly a magnificent place. Steeped in glorious history and full of the beautiful things which make Britain truly great, this area has allowed us to grow into one of the finest event caterers in the whole of the country. Our main area of speciality lies in providing the people of Shropshire with sensational food at the events of their choice. By centring our catered services with and through the use of the hog and spit roast, we ensure that our meats are beyond the quality of that which can be found in any restaurant, anywhere in the country.

Our hog roast Shropshire meats are roasted whole, so that the full goodness and roasting/basting qualities are maximised. By roasting meat like this, we fulfil many criteria in such a prolific manner that our clients just keep coming back again and again. The first of these criteria which our wedding catering, corporate catering and our private party covers is exceptionally brilliant tasting food. By slow roasting meat over flames in its whole state, the crackling which is produced is simply stunning. Added to this is our technical and culinary skill. By using slow roasting, the meats are so impeccably moist that it literally melts in the mouth. Along with the quality of food at all of your catered events, the full sensory experience which the hog and spit roast provides is something which never fails to impress our clients.

By slow roasting on our lovely spits at all of our events, from Shrewsbury to Oswestry, ou clients get to indulge in all the anticipation that roasting meat gives. The sight of a turning hog as it reaches its glowing and golden stage is truly something beautiful to behold. Couple with the smells – and its something that not many people can resist, especially when the crackling is so crispy and the meat so moist and tender. As we roast whole meats and use only the freshest and most tantalising of sides and accompaniments – our catering services can feed any number of people at any event – all over the Shropshire area!

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Shropshire has many treasures, as we are all aware, but for a hog roast event you better prepare, to be thrown off your feet, impressed to the core! You’ll be stamping your feet and shouting for more!

Together you’ll love it, as there’s food for an army, to eat something else would be foolish, yes, barmy! At hog roast catered events why settle for less? Why settle for ‘ok,’ for ‘acceptable,’ and not ‘best?’ Our food shows the wonder of taking your time, of enjoying others company whilst dining is fine. Don’t be a mug and go with the crowd, instead do your guests, and yourselves, proud!

Locations we offer our services too: Bridgnorth, Broseley, Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Dawley, Telford, Ludlow, Market Drayton, Much Wenlock, Oswestry, Shifnal, Shrewsbury, Ellesmere, Whitchurch.

To see peoples faces, their smiles and their wonder, as the pig roasts deliciously, irrespective of thunder. Housed in a device that nurtures it golden, so crispy the crackling that the guest have beholden. Pig roaster machines, made like no other, keep hog roasting softly beneath a clear cover. So children and menfolk and women can see, hogs being cooked as they’re meant to be. Smothered in honey, or dressed just in salt, seasoned with herbs as your heart skips and vaults. Turning so slowly in order to make, the crackling just perfect, icing on the cake.

Below in the hog roast roast tray do vegetables dwell, recipients of juices where its hotter than hell. Dripped on from above the most precious of baste, the vegetables roast free from any such haste. Organic in nature, each one its own self, these veggies may not look like those on the shelf, Of supermarket giants who seem now to take, trade as they wish from those at stake, of losing their livelihood through fault not their own, but by simply existing, the door they are shown.

Yet with us its different as you can all see, these colours are rich and as deep as the see. Ingredients that taste just as they’re meant to, no hormones nor additions that do you always prevent you, from eating a meal that’s honest and true, not hurting the earth with such chemicals, spewed.

Fanciful hog roast giants you may seem us to be, stewards of quality through rough melody. Instead hear the words of a growing number, of compatriots who no longer wonder, where to go when their events need to be, catered and supplied, best as can be. By listening closely to our customers voice, we add and shape and increase your choice. Through mutual love our ingredients appear, as our farmers of Shropshire we hold most dear. Along with our clients who dwarf a hundred tens, our decades in trade has bought trees to the glens, of areas flattened with taste buds untended, our stantions of catering has expectations upended.

So ask us to cater at your great hog roast event, quality without equal, money well spent. No longer the need to settle for less, these chaps who are local do really know best. Meet with us in person, relaxed you will be, as you join the family of the hog roast tree. We’ll welcome with arms that are strong enough to hold, your jaw as it drops, as your meal, you behold.

Shropshire is truly one of the most beautiful counties within the British Isles and Europe as a whole. Boasting the lowest population density of any county within the United Kingdom, Shropshire is one of the largest yielders of arable farming produce. Great for caterers who believe in the importance of fresh and distinct quality within their ingredients, the rolling hills and vast, swathing, tree-clad valleys of the region could not be better suited to the travails and exploits of a bespoke and finely honed hog roast and spit roast catered service provider. Taking catering to a whole new level by indulging the taste buds of our clients in ways that they haven’t been touched before, we always look forward and beyond, where many of our compatriots have turned back, even but for a brief moment, and have become swallowed up in the creeping yet incessant grime of failure. Growing since we began, way back in he 1980’s, we believe that quality ingredients + specialist skills in the arena of being a chef + persistent dedication to perfection = prosperity and success in the field of spit and hog roast catering.

Whilst the region and area as a whole form the perfect harvesting grounds as regards our ingredients, the region also has a history which really appeals to us. Ingrained within the people also, to an extent, the actions that characterised this region centuries ago has helped the people in welcoming us with open arms, as our practices fall in line, directly, with those of the people who used to inhabit these parts so many, many moons ago. This is due to places such as Tewkesbury, Bridgnorth and Telford forming a crucial and dominant role within the iron infused workings of the Iron-age. With us, we love the task of an engineering dilemma. It is through this reason, to some extent, that we so rapidly became involved in spit roasting and hog roasting machine manufacture nearly two decades ago. Unhappy with the unreliable and highly temperamental roaster units that were available, we knew we effectively had to reinvent them in order to commit ourselves to hog and spit roast catering in the manner that we saw as being satisfactory. Purchasing our own manufacturing plant and embarking on a design project allowed us to quickly make our machines.

Having a thriving catering trade meant that the wedding parties, corporate functions and private parties which we catered at also became great testing grounds for our machine parts. Here, we could not only test out improvements to all areas of our designs, but we could also ascertain situations and experiences which highlighted where further changes were necessary. A prime example of symbiosis, the two concurrent trades; the hog and spit roast machine trade and the catering wing of our business, became essential for the improvement of each respective counterpart. Highly productive for hog and spit roasting machine development, today we stand so far ahead of our competitors that there really is no realistic competition anywhere. Hog roast Shropshire catering or machines, we underline perfection, every time. Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

All Stretton, Alveley, Bishops Castle, Bratton, Bucknell, Burlton, Cheswardine, Chirbury, Church Stretton, Clee Hill, Clun, Coalbrookdale, Coalport, Corfton, Cressage, Dorrington, Gobowen, Hadnall, Highley, Hinstock, Highley, Ironbridge, Ketley Bank, Lea Cross, Leintwardine, Lilleshall, Llanfair Waterdine, Longville in the Dale, Lydbury North, Lyneal, Madeley, Minsterley, Morville, Nesscliffe, Norbury, North Madeley, Oakengates, Selattyn, Tilstock, Tong, Upper Affcot, Farmcote, Wellington, Wem, Wenlock Edge, Wentnor, Weston, Worfield, Wroxeter.