Hog Roast Somerset

Do you ever feel like the event caterers out there just don't 'cut the mustard?' Well you no longer have to settle for second best any more, as Hog Roast Somerset gives you the very best when it comes to hog and spit roast catered food – all roasted and served at your own event! By adopting the cooking method which is closest to our hearts (and our taste-buds) our clients have been able to benefit from our culinary skills from over a decade now. The simple truth is, that when you are having a catered event, the food is of absolute paramount importance – something which should be obvious to all caterers; but unfortunately isnt.

From Taunton through to Yeovil , our hog roasted and spit roasted catered events allow families and friends to really maximise on the quality of their 'down-time' and time together in general. Among those who love to work hard and to concurrently play hard, we think its a crime for peoples events and occasions to be serviced by those who are simply average. The first step in our culinary mission is to provide meats which are simply and beautifully delicious. By flame roasting, slowly, our exceptionally reared and sourced whole meats, our clients and customers from all over Somerset get to indulge in meat which is the best that it can be.

Over thousands of years, the slow, flame roasted approach towards the preparation and cooking of meat has not been bettered in approach than by slow roasting over flames. It has withstood this test of time for one stark reason; that it is the best way to get the most from meats. Through this manner, the bones and allow for lovely bastes to be produced – keeping meat moist. Able to cook for hundreds and hundreds of people with consummate ease is just one of the tools and weapons in our culinary arsenal. By providing the weddings, corporate events and private functions all over Somerset with stunning food, we have grown and grown. Come and join us.

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Roll on down to Somerset, where the hog roast has been re-invented! Coupled with keeping the traditional beauty of the glorious hog roast in the main vein of our operating mindset, we have brought to the fore such wondrous modern, contemporary and exotic influences in our approaches to preparation, service styles and the ability to accompany your choice of meat with a host of wondrous vegetables.

Ok, so we’ve all been to hog roast catered functions. They may have been large scale, champagne fuelled, canapé strewn or just small gatherings of friends, out to be beneath the sun, where bottled beer and laughter were the orders of the day. Yet, the main course, or the central eating point of these dining situations are seldom brilliant. When catering for a large number of people, it is so often the case that food of exceptional quality is never available; to co-ordinate such a service is a real challenge, one that catering firms in the UK ceremoniously fail to rise to. Also, it seems that the gracious, well mannered residents of these isles accept such mediocrity. Well, no longer!

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Bath, Bridgwater, Burnham on Sea, Chard, Cheddar, Chew Magna, Clevedon, Congresbury, Radstock, Glastonbury, Highbridge, Honiton, Ilminster, Keynsham.

Our attitude is simple; we make food that is of top restaurant quality and apply it to mass dining situations. Our passionate and effective use of the pig roaster and spit roast elements lets our variety of locally sourced and organic meat to be cooked to absolute perfection whilst also being able to feed an exceptionally large amount of people. Capitalizing on the element of the visual, our hog roasts and meat roasted catered events really provide a stunning display for the eyes. Our fantastic spit roasting machines (which are designed and built by us in our house, state of the art production facility), allow our customers to truly enjoy the spectacle of seeing a hog roasting creature coming towards its spectacular conclusion. Honestly, watching this, whilst the hog is flanked by the most wonderfully sourced and prepared vegetable and salad options, is enough to make everyone’s mouth water.

Famous for its cider and cheese (not least of all in Cheddar), Somerset, and the folk who reside within it, are exceptionally aware of the fact that wonderful local produce is everywhere. It is all around. Up in the trees are the apples, which sit with weight and a hanging glowing beauty. Waiting for the wind to shake them, to make them appeal like a Christmas bauble to the wandering hand of a passing man, or the pecking beak of an inquisitive bird. From an arable farmland which yields the finest of edible vegetation, from the soil which bequeaths to us the wondrous creatures and food, join us in our quest to let you dine like the kings you are. The hog roast is our master and you the commander. We, the ones who bring it together.

A hog roast with us what you’ve been waiting for, so cross over to our side, the side of quality.

The historic and pretty county of Somerset has many hidden gems. For us, the chief among these are the rich variety of apples (over 200 in total) which help to form the vast majority of all the apple types which grow from the ground in England as a whole. These apples have traditionally been a great contributor the effort of cider-making, and much to the delight of writers such as Thomas Hardy, the notion that Somerset has always been a great provide is by no means a fallacy. Home to some of the nations biggest, best and most respected pig farms, the region not only has wonderful people (which makes our job a truly enjoyable pursuit) but also has the great natural ingredients that we enjoy putting on our rotating spits and serving to the great folk of the area.

Locations we offer our services too: Langport, Long Ashton, Midsomer Norton, Minehead, Frome, Shepton Mallet, Somerton, Street, Taunton, Wells, Weston super Mare, Winscombe, Yeovil, Bradley Stoke, Farmborough, Rangeworth, Shirehampton, Timsbury, Winscombe, Yatton.

Places like Bath, Frome and Cheddar have been large areas which have been brilliant as regards supplying us with really huge events and those which provide us with exceptional logistical scenarios to overcome. As we place a huge emphasis on the notion of providing catering at ANY location (be it on a hill top, cave mouth, the 14th tee or by the rocks of a water-fall), our vibrant and qualified team takes real delight in pulling off the most dramatic catering events, whilst also enjoying the laid back garden parties and other events which not only characterise our own business diversity, but also highlight our commitment to providing you with the widest possible choice.

This attitude towards choice is by no means confined to the bounds of events and their locations. Choice is something that we feel ought to be transmuted to the paying British public wherever possible. After all, here at Hog Roast Somerset we believe that it is the right and prerogative of paying customers, especially in catering where so many operating outfits are confined to their own limits, limits which are never stretched. Allowing our customers a huge choice as regards the food that they wish to put on their plates, we don’t mind if pork isn’t your flavour. As in Greece, where this dish and style have been immensely popular over the years, we employ the usage of high quality spring lambs, lovingly draped with fresh rosemary. Enough to make even the hardiest of taste buds tingle with tantalising and terrific, tumult-free lust!

Our varied and broad hog and spit roast catering services have been the favourite of the region for many years now. With every single catered event that we have committed to being a resounding success, we have also learned a lot from each and every catering experience. Today, our catering enterprise operates in three distinct ways. Our much loved and oldest section of catering is our private party menu set-up. Here, we infuse informality with absolute quality, allowing for garden parties and other private events to be enjoyed to their full. Along with our bespoke wedding catering and first rate corporate hospitality services, to make your event the perfect one just give us a call.