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The well-heeled county of Surrey lies to the south of the border with the capital and as such is home to a large number of white-collar workers who commute to and from the capital with relative ease. Some of Surrey's critics describe the county as being 'soulless' and 'sanitised', but this is far from the case. A poll conducted by Channel Four in 2006, chronicling the best and worst places to live in the UK, listed one of the counties largest town, as being the ninth best place to live in the country. The county was also home to noted writers such as playwright George Bernard Shaw and author Lewis Carroll.

As a county, Surrey is very aesthetically pleasing. Large parts of it are covered in woodland, and despite being on the edge of the capital, it seems to be such a peaceful part of the world. However, sharing a border with Egham has its advantages. If you work in the capital but live in a small commuter town like Caterham, it means that you have a good venue for a function, without having to circumnavigate the Underground. We do functions in many towns and villages in the area, all within easy reach of Lingham, but without the background noise and constant interruptions.

If you run a business based either in Egham or Caterham, and you want to host a corporate function, one of the most important parts of such an event is the catering. In many cases, the success of a function hinges on the quality of the food, if you want to make the most of this situation, then hog roast Surrey can make sure it happens, and all it takes is an e-mail or a phone call to our company, and we'll arrive with a gorgeous spit-roast and extras in tow.

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In addition to its literary heritage, a large part of Surrey is within the Metropolitan Green Belt, and proportionally, it boasts more woodland than any other county in England, with around 22% of the county covered in woods an ideal setting for a pig roast gathering. As it plays host to many small and medium-sized commuter towns like Haselmere, Surrey is very well connected by road and rail to the capital.

With its proximity to Lingham, coupled with its own vibrant business community, Surrey is an ideal place for anyone interested in choosing one of our corporate hospitality packages. We have catered for many business functions across the UK, and to date, we've had no complaints. We realise that it takes a lot of work to make a corporate function go well, and that the quality of the food available can help to determine to mood of those present. Fortunately, that won't be a problem if you work with hog roast Surrey caterer, as we strive to make sure that our catering won't let you down, whatever package your company chooses. We're efficient, punctual, and incredibly hard-working: all attributes that are necessary for any white-collar worker to have.

From the simple yet satisfying “Pig In a Bun” menu to our extravagant and crowd-pleasing Hog Roast Dining Menu, we're sure that our food will go a long way to ensure that your event, be it for your family, friends or workplace will go off without a hitch.

Surrey, what a lovely place, and there is no better way to pay it, and yourselves, homage than by having a glorious hog roast catered event.

Amidst the wonderful, flowing countryside resides the company which has the eager capacity to create, for you, a pig roast or spit roast which could put an eternal smile upon your face.

Locations we offer our services too: Addlestone, Ashtead, Bagshot, Banstead, Byfleet, Camberley, Chertsey, Chessington, Cobham, Crawley, Croydon, Dorking, Epsom, Esher, Farnham, Godalming, hog roast Guildford, Hook, Horley, Kenley, Leatherhead.

The glory of a slowly roasted animal cannot be overestimated. Able to feed colossal amounts of people, it is one of life’s few serendipitous, magnificent situations where quality and quantity embrace each other, as opposed to each often being the others antithesis. Due to the slow roasting of a whole hog roast creature, the juices which become emitted form within said animal, work in such a way as to enhance the flavour and texture by a ridiculous margin. This method also allows various meats to be consumed in one of the most healthy manners possible. As no fatty additives are bestowed upon the animal, nor are any infused into the interior-like depths of the animals hinterland, the end product which enters the mouths of our clients is always welcomed with an outburst of delight. As all our meats come guaranteed to the highest of high organic standards, our customers can rest assured that no matter how much food they gorge themselves on (often through getting drawn in by the festival atmosphere of the brilliant occasion) they can feel confident that their innards are not being adversely affected in any way at all.

As this splendid county is predominantly ‘green-belt,’ our ability to utilise such amazing naturally and locally grown produce is unprecedented. In our long history, we have never, ever, even dreamed of sourcing our ingredients from outside our local county. Having such variety in vegetables, such greatness within the soils, such a sympathetic climate and having the people to whom crop growth is a treasured art; we always knew that the great food we created and delivered beautifully to our clients plates, was much of the time partly due to the sheer magnificence which was and is reflected in our ingredients.

Our extensive and variously varied menu options allow our customers to truly dictate, in its entirety, to what extent they wish to explore the delights of cuisine totale. Having drawn on the vast and international experiences of all of our qualified chefs, the menus we put forward also allow for an infinite amount of adjustment and tailoring, all to cater for the discerning client. The broad use of high quality seasoning and exquisite olive oils helps to create our award winning fresh salad dishes.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Lightwater, Merstham, Oxshott, Oxted, Purley, Redhill, Reigate, Surbiton, Tadworth, Thames Ditton, Virginia Water, Walton on Thames, Warlingham, West Molesey, Weybridge, Windlesham, Woking.

Alongside our taste-tastic catering enterprise, we also specialise in the field of Hog Roaster machines, which are all guaranteed for at least 12 months. Having full CE markations, our machines combine strength, style and reliability.

In a spit roast we trust, as we trust you also. Our fellow people of the county, our hog roast event will make your year.

Surrey is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful counties that Britain, in all her natural wonder, contains. With the highest proportion of natural wooded woodland in any county of the British Isles, it is of little surprise that the crest of Surrey is majoratively occupied by two large trees, with their boughs crossing each other, in a loving embrace. The history that is contained within Surrey, a county which contains lovely areas such as Letherhead, Walton on Thames, Weybridge, Bagshot, Crawley, Croydon, Guildford and Reigate, is a place which has become the home of the most illustrious caterer of them all, Hog Roast Caterer Surrey.

Our catering solutions centre around the unswerving and unchanging attitude we have towards or commitment as regards quality within the remit of food. Utilising the best as regards our raw ingredients, our qualified chefs, through to our serving assistants, share the view that our hog roasting methods not only reflect the illustrious heritage of fine cooking, but also allow for the best tastes to be derived from the ingredients we use. Its that simple.

Our private party catering service has been an out and out success for the whole time its been in operation. From garden parties in Woking to informal celebrations in other aspects of the large yet comfortably compact county, the private party service allows our customers total freedom as regards their event. Due to our ‘in-house’ manufacture and concurrent design of our hog roasting machines, we can guarantee to get to any venue, no matter how seemingly ‘far out.’ Our machines don’t rely on electricity, and due to their rugged rubber wheeled system can get absolutely anywhere with consummate ease. Our ‘menu 1’ highlights simple yet culinarily powerful; as the splendour f the hog roast can be very easily felt with the ‘pig-in-a-bun’ special, complete with homemade stuffing, apple sauce and exquisitely prepared crackling.

Our corporate hospitality catering service has been a real ace in our pack. Where many successful business deals hinge on the right atmosphere and mood being generated at catered corporate events, we know the value of a good hog roast. Able to tailor any aspect of the catered service, our customers can rest assured that they can get as involved as they want to. With super-slick service and chefs who really know what they’re doing, your business partners are sure to be delighted. Along with this, it has become very apparent to us, over our two decades in the corporate catering trade, that the hog and spit roast is a universal love; that due to humanity using it before ovens were even thought of or conceived of, people the world over cooked in this fashion. Thus, for international guests, it is better than ever, as everyone is sure to marvel at the sensory spectacle as well as eat the most beautiful food they are likely to taste.

Our catered wedding services take this all to a whole new level, as our breadth of menus and service styles are varied yet contain an immense and pure focus as regards the quality of our cuisine. Come and try us, it will be the best thing you will ever taste.