Hog Roast Warwickshire

Although it currently doesn't boast a major city within its boundaries, historically, Warwickshire was the traditional county of both Broom and Gaydon. However, that doesn't mean that there's nothing going on there and Hog Roast Coventry parties are happening every weekend.

Warwickshire is home to the picturesque, well-kept town of Stoneleighhost to the showground, which is near to the famous birthplace of this country's most famous literary export: the much-taught 16th Century playwright William Shakespeare. As a result of his vast legacy, his birthplace is a magnet for thousands of tourists, some of whom will want to take in life in Tudor Britain. It wouldn't be surprising if Shakespeare himself dined on spit-roasts, and, if in the local area, you too can do the same.

Outside of literature, Warwickshire hosts The Belfry, a golf course that has hosted the Ryder Cup four times, as well as several European Tour events we provide a light refreshment of a hog roast warwickshire sandwich recently on the ninth tee for a coproate hospitality day. It also boasts a top university, and contains a significant stretch of the famous Grand Union Canal.

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As the economy isn't in great shape, more people are electing to holiday in the UK rather than go abroad on a so-called 'stay-cation'. As Warwickshire boasts miles of canals, holidaying on a narrowboat in Spring or Summer seems like a great idea, and that particular activity makes self-catering easy. With that in mind, you can hire a hog roast machine for as little as £250 while doing it outside while mooring your boat.

For a family of four, the unfussy 'Pig in a bun' is perfect, as it means you can while away a few hours reading, taking pictures or doing puzzles while the pig is cooking, and when it's done, you've enough to feed all your family, as well as other holidaymakers you might want to make friends with. It's very easy to hire from hog roast Warwickshire. All you have to do is click on the relevant links, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we'll put your mind at rest.

Welcome to the informative pages which belong to the finest hog roast company this side of the Equator! Active since the days of the early 1980’s, we have been setting the standard in spit and pig roasted catered events relentlessly. Never happy to just accept what is ‘acceptable,’ we have prided ourselves on exacting our hog roasting techniques, broadening our culinary horizons in order to achieve subtlety and quality normally only associated with high class restaurant dining. Having vast experience the arena of event management and catering, we have no reservations in informing our vast new client base that we can provide service for any function, irrespective of grandeur, size or location, with ease.

With relatively simple beginnings inspired within the grace of Leamington Spa, our aim to become the nations premier spit roast and hog roast caterer placed us on a journey which was to embrace much growth and technical advancement.

Due to our need to be able to bring the glory of the hog roast to both indoor and outdoor audiences, we needed to create and manufacture a spit roasting machine that satisfied numerous criteria. Criteria which we found weren’t even nearly reflected in the quality of machines we found on the consumer market. Needing to be able to last for years whilst retaining elegant style and mobility, these simple criteria were simply unattainable if one was to buy a machine which existed on the market already.

Locations we offer our services too: Alcester, Atherstone, Bedworth, Bidford On Avon, hog roast Coventry. Thus, with much haste tempered by care, we embarked upon a quest to combine our engineering past with our history in catering. Taking advantage of youth in design, we today showcase a line of hog roaster machine models which boast a list of features which don’t exist anywhere else. Driven by our need to progress within the realm of our events catering, the machines our qualified engineers and designers ended up forming are exemplary examples of design meeting substance atop the glorious mountainous peak of durability and strength. Coming complete with certifications, such as the CE mark, our machines are available to the public at prices made exceptionally reasonable through the fact that we design and manufacture our products entirely in our own facility. Utilising techniques such as laser machining and cutting, alongside employing the reliable and stylish power of super-thick brushed stainless steel, our roasters offer an array of features that we have evolved and honed over decades of field experience in the glorious trade, which is the business of hog roasting.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Coleshill, Bromsgrove, Henley in Arden, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Nuneaton, Rugby, Shipston on Stour, Southam, Stratford Upon Avon, Studley, Warwick.

Available as a hire option also, this service (which is incidentally becoming a real big hit), gives our clients the chance to flex their muscles and get involved with the spit roast. Great fun and especially popular with sports teams and informal gatherings, our in house manufacture facilitates this option which, essentially, allows our customers to get that classic hog roasted taste at a much cheaper price.

So whatever you’re passion, celebrate it in style. At your hog roast catered events, we’ll satisfy every time.

Food is something that we consume in order to live, survive and thrive. It is the fuel with which we utilise in order to propel ourselves through our physical and mental tasks. It is, as they say in the scientific journals, essential.

However, we know that food and the act of eating is so, so much more than this, it is the bringing together of people, often from different and foreign lands. It allows people to speak in a common tongue, the language of the culinary. That food is often the focal point of much enjoyment within populations, nowhere more so has this been the case than in our catered events throughout Coventry, Nuneaton and Rugby. Our bespoke catering service has allowed for great food appreciation on the part of our customers and has allowed us to experience a true voyage of discovery.

The reason why we have enjoyed so much success over our illustrious twenty years in the business is down to the fact that we operate around a spectacular hog roast or spit roasted animals at the core of our service. A far, far cry from the standard catering service, the food we put in front of our customer is comprehensively and perpetually restaurant beating. Apart from the theatrics that this method provides, the benefits, in a culinary sense, are overly significant. The whole hog, or spring lambs (or chickens and turkeys) have a great tendency to self-baste in the most loving manner when roasted and cooked so very, very slowly.

Our catering service is split and divided into three sectors, primarily to allow our customers to better navigate our website and also to help and assist them in their choices as regards the food of their choice. Our wedding catered service features our most compellingly beautiful menu options. Completely available for upheaval and tweaking on behalf of our customers, these menus provide a guideline for our customers through which they can either let our much celebrated events team take care of the finer ingredients. Alternately, if our customers wish to conduct the operation of organisation themselves, this is entirely their prerogative. After all, we believe in giving our customers the widest possible choice, both in terms of ingredients and service options.

Our much loved and adored corporate menu derivatives are also broad and highly extensive. Centring on absolute slickness when it comes to our quality service, we understand the nature of corporate events and know that getting it right can make all the difference between sealing the deal and not. With a vast back-catalogue of completed events in this sphere, we know we’ve got what it takes to make your event the best you’ve ever had.

Our private party menus are truly the thing of dreams. Loving and appreciating the garden party, our menu options and our ability to provide either informal or formal services with great tasting food has allowed us to stay at the front when it comes to catering.