Hog Roast Worcester

It doesn’t matter wherever you live, whether it is in Worcester or anywhere else in the British Isles, when it comes to organising a special event then it is important to push the boat out and make sure that you celebrate in style. Trouble is, celebrating is something that we Brits tend not to be fantastic at. Yes we all love a good party and a glass of wine of three but when it comes to celebratory food, we always seemed to have a bit of a problem. You just need to look back at your photos albums from the 70s and 80s and you will see what the problem was. Yes, the food! The photographs may not be ancient but the lack of imagination in the catering during those dreaded decades was prehistoric. Just what were we all thinking that made us choose plates of barmcakes and cold pizzas when there were some great alternatives available. Amazingly, even these days some people put up with some of the most lousy and uninspiring food possible at events in Worcester. And to think, this was the city that gave the magic of Worcester Sauce to the world. Thankfully, hog roast caterers have been doing their bit to get the UK back on track when it comes to great tasting food, and judging by the growing number of events here in Worcester, it is looking like the hog roast renaissance is back on with more and more hog roast events taking place all over the UK. But just what is involved in a hog roast?

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Firstly a bit of history, and it may be a bit of a surprise. Hog roast is not new. Yes, hog roast might be enjoying something of a new lease of life right now but it has been here before. A long time before in fact. Medieval Britain saw the very first hog roasts and, by all accounts, they were pretty important things, enjoyed by the more elevated members of society of course. This was a food fit for kings and queens, which should give you some idea as to how good it tasted. Strangely, the appeal of hog roast waned over the centuries and it certainly pretty much disappeared as a catering solution from events and functions, making only the occasional appearance. But very slowly, things started to change. No one can tell why the tide started to turn in favour of the roasted pig but it did. Maybe it was the UK’s new found desire to start eating traditional meat once more or perhaps a desire to eat less in the way of precooked and prepackaged food? Or maybe it was a real desire to serve up some really well cooked food at events for friends and special guests? This seems very likely, and when people started to realise just how affordable it was to bring in the Worcester hog roast caterer for their events, it began to seem like a no brainer!

Hog roast may sound like a really rough and ready meal and to some extent it is. At its most basic, you can consider a hog roast Worcester meal as a pig and a hog roast machine. But that would be a rather simplistic way to look at hog roast when what you are really talking about is a fine piece of cooking that really does take a lot of planning and effort to get right. In fact the planning starts well before when the caterer needs to secure a pig for the event in question. Choosing a pig takes into account a few matters, including the size of the event being cooked for and finding a pig with just the right amount of fat. It may sound gross but the bright amount of fat is very important as it will stop the meat from drying out during the cooking, and with it taking a good six hours, that is most important. It takes so long because slow roasting is essential to bring out the best possible flavours in the meat. It also allows the fat to impart some of its flavours on the meat for a superb all round flavour. And that is basically that. A hog roast for your Worcester event may seem on the face of it to be a pretty simple affair but there really is more to it than you think. But then again, what would you rather have? Some great roasted pig or plate of boring sandwiches? We know what we’d choose.