Corporate Hospitality Menus by Chef & Griddle

Corporate Hospitality Hog Roast Menu 1

Snack in a Roll
Great for informal gatherings. snacks food for any number of guests from 50 to 10,000

Corporate Hospitality Hog Roast Menu 2

Informal Indoor or Out door Buffet
Great for informal gatherings, disposable tableware and very cost effective, especially for largerer numbers

Corporate Hospitality Hog Roast Menu 3

More formal indoor or outdoor buffet
Your Choice of meat with a selection of salads and a potato option

Corporate Hospitality Hog Roast Menu 4

Formal Indoor or Outdoor Buffet
Good for any formal gathering. Real tableware with waiting staff

Corporate Hospitality Hog Roast Menu 5

Formal Sit-Down Event
A great way of providing a cost-effective dinner service with excellent food. very cost effective for large gatherings

When most people hear the words “Hog Roast”, they think of a giant slab of pig roasting over an open fire; a giant BBQ filled with aroma and sunshine. And that’s a great way to look at our catering events, because after all, you’re business occasion may call for picnic style meals and BBQ’s filled with games and sunshine. However, Hog Roasts aren’t just for those wanting an informal meal; they can be a rather formal affair, as well. Our catering business has been doing both formal and non-formal dining events for corporate businesses for years and we can offer you a traditional and informal meal; as well as a formal affair- it’s simply a matter of what you want. Regardless, the food and service will be great and out of this world, it’s our guarantee!

We strive to meet our customer’s needs by offering them numerous options when it comes to the traditional Hog Roast. If you’re company is planning a formal corporate event for your employees, your customers, or for the holidays; our Hog Roasting catering business has just what you need. Our staff is available to plan your event; set up venue, tables, catering, and more. As well, we will work with your budget to ensure a positive outcome for you and your wallet. Perhaps you’re planning an event where corporate executives will attend; there’s nothing like making an impression on your superiors like offering them a specially prepared meal in a quiet and formal setting.

For those that are planning a more informal and traditional BBQ style Hog Roast; our staff and catering business can offer you many ideas on making the event extra special. We offer buffet style meals, family style dining, and more. If you have the ability to set up your own venue and tables; we can also simply furnish the meat only. There are a multitude of options when considering a Hog Roast for your corporate event. Visit our website for more great ideas and pricing or give us a call to set up a free consultation in regards to your corporate event.

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