What can you provide for Vegetarian Guests?

It's not all about Hog Roast Catering. Vegetarians are catered for too

Over the last twenty or so years, more and more people have chosen to pass on meat and go for a vegetarian lifestyle instead. This is something that is becoming increasingly popular with many people but it can certainly make an event where dining is concerned and interesting experience for anyone looking for a vegetarian option.

There used to be a total lack of understanding with regards to people who were vegetarian when it came to putting on decent food. There seemed to be a school of thought that went ‘why bother coming up with anything remotely interesting to eat for vegetarians as it must all be pretty boring what they eat anyway’. In fact this thinking is probably still very evident with some caterers, who see the need to provide vegetarian options as a nuisance that they could do without.

Of course, any vegetarians reading this may be nodding in agreement. The good news is that that not all caterers look at the needs of vegetarians this way. Hog roast caterers are just one such group who do not see vegetarians as a problem at all but instead embrace the idea that great catering means catering for everyone and not just the majority. Yes, of course hog roast caterers specialise in cooking meat and their main skills are in delivering exceptionally well cooked hog roast meat, but a truly professional caterer knows that a function is only properly catered for once everyone has been served great tasting food, and if that means serving up excellent, tasty vegetarian options as well as meat based options then that has to be a good thing, we think.

Meat free options of old were decidedly uninspiring and certainly left a lot to be desired. There can be nothing worse than looking forward to a great special occasion such as a birthday bash, a special celebration, a sportsman’s dinner or a wedding reception only to find that the meal that is going to be served is, to be put it politely, very dull. The fact that someone chooses to be a vegetarian and not eat meat should not be taken as an indication that they somehow do not enjoy eating at all and that every meal they should eat should be an exercise in food boredom. To think this way is ridiculous. Being a vegetarian is not a joyless experience, however much some people try to make it just that! For those not enlightened about vegetarian cooking, it can come as quite a surprise to learn that vegetarian options are extremely varied and that there are some superb meal options that are stunningly tasty. In fact, we know of many people who are not vegetarian but will happily sit down to eat some of the many great vegetarian meals served in restaurants these days. Some people say that they are nicer than many of the non vegetarian alternatives, which says an awful lot for how far the options for vegetarians have come in recent years.

As mentioned previously, hog roast caterers do specialise in getting the very best out of the meat that they cook and it is always going to be that side of catering that they specialise in with such dedication. They do however want each and every function that they cater for to not only be a successful one but also a great advert for their services to future potential clients, so ensuring that all diners’ needs are taken into account is very important to them, thus the need for vegetarians to be catered for just as well. If you or some of your guests are vegetarian and would like options made available then please discuss this with your caterer.

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