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Hog Roast Caterer
If you would like to place an enquiry with us it couldn’t be easier. You can either call the sales team on 0800 634 9939, email on or simply fill out one of our online enquiry forms. You may wish to enquire about more than one particular menu so you can review the different options. This is fine and we are happy to arrange quotations for as many different packages as you require.

By Telephone
When calling the number above you will go straight through to a dedicated member of our sales team. They will take basic info about your event (the date, location, number of guests etc.) If you have any special requirements or would like to make any changes to the menu just simply request these. The sales team is happy to discuss your ideas and options so that together you can create your ideal hog roast menu. Once all the information has been taken it will be passed onto the pricing team. You will receive an email from us within the hour. This will include your chosen menus and the quotations for each.

By email
Simply email us at stating your name, contact details, (telephone number and email address) location of the event (town or city), date the event is planned for, the number of guests and state which menus you are interested in. Again if you would like to make any changes or special requests simply include these in your email. Once your quote has been processed you will receive an email reply from us with your chosen menus and the quotations for each.

Online Enquiry form
Fill in one of our easy online enquiry forms giving the details asked for and there is room to add any special requests and menu adaptations. The enquiry will be processed by the sales team and pricing team and you will receive a quick response via email with your chosen menus and the quotations for each.

Flat 5, Saint Michaels
30 Oatlands Chase
Tel: 0800 634 9939

Once you have received your quote we will give you time to review your menus and discuss with others. A member of the sales team will be in touch to go through any questions you may have and will arrange the booking if you wish.

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