Do you provide Staff to Serve the Food?

Hog roast is a great dish to serve up at any event, of that there is no doubt. If you are looking for a catering option that not only looks amazing when it is being cooked but also tastes quite remarkable and that everyone seems to adore then the options don’t get much better than hog roast. It really is something of a total box ticker when it comes to incredible food for any special occasion and certainly a very affordable quality solution when compared to many other catering choices that you could make.

But don’t go thinking that this throwback to medieval times is somehow a catering inferior on the service stakes. It may be that many people assume that hog roast is a rough and ready option that should not be taken too seriously but instead be seen as something of a lightweight catering solution suitable only for informal occasions. What a mistake it would be to think such things.

Of course, hog roast makes a great option for events where you do not want to be too formal, in fact it is quite the most perfect option where you want exceptional food but you do not want extensive formalities. This makes it a brilliant choice when choosing catering for music festivals, birthdays and relaxed social occasions. How about a school reunion with a hog roast roll? That sounds like a brilliant idea. But to think that hog roast is not warranting a stylish approach or any degree of professionalism in its service would be wrong, especially when you consider just how amazing a gourmet hog roast can be.

Gourmet hog roast is the incredibly sophisticated alter ego of relaxed and informal hog roast, the more commonly seen persona of the roasted pig. It is this gourmet hog roast alter ego that has sent ripples through catering circles when it comes to more up market occasions such as weddings and corporate entertainment. Gourmet hog roast shows you just how classy and sophisticated the medieval dish can be when you want it to be. To many people, hog roast served this way is almost unrecognisable. The taste is of course still incredible but the presentation is something else and it certainly warrants the additional staff that we provide to serve up this classy pig feast.

Gourmet hog roast really is a quite special way in which you can serve up one of the tastiest meats that there is and it is fast becoming one of the most popular options for wedding breakfasts. People are beginning to shun many of the more traditional dining options associated with weddings in favour of something a little different...and hog roast in a gourmet style really is different. The same painstaking care goes into the cooking of the pig, of course, but it is in the serving and presentation where the magic takes place. When hog roast is served on rolls, presentation can be a little loose because that is what is what it’s all about, but gourmet hog roast sees the delicious meat carved very professionally and beautifully, leaving each guest with a stunning plate of food. Add potatoes, vegetables, sauce and crackling into the equation and you really do have an unbeatable combination. Those extra staff do the meal justice by being there to serve it in a totally professional manner.

Hog roast is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde meal. Yes it can be the informal party animal that is great with a few beers or ciders in its hog roast roll guise, but throw in the sophistication of gourmet presentation and you have something entirely different. Both great tasting but both very different.

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