Hog Roast Ampthill

Not many towns get named after an ant hill. It’s an unusual thing to be named after to say the least, but that is the origins of the name Ampthill allegedly come from. This Bedfordshire town is home to around six thousand people is very much the historic, typically English market town that the tourists love.

It’s long since crumbled away but this town was also home to one Ampthill Castle once upon a time, and a frequent visitor to the castle was Henry VIII. It would be fair to imagine that Ampthill Castle was home to many grand evenings and celebrations in its time. These would probably have included a fair few hog roasts. King Henry would no doubt be surprised to see hog roast enjoying something of a renaissance in twenty first century England and in Ampthill too. Hog roast Ampthill, your majesty?

Hog roast? Renaissance? That’s right. Hog roast is indeed making a comeback in England. It seems that people looking for great alternatives to their party and special occasion food are looking to hog roast to meet this need. And that certainly seems like a good choice as hog roast is a real crowdpleaser in every respect. Maybe you need to make the note ‘hog roast hire Ampthill’ in your diary now.

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Hog roast seems to be loved by everyone who tries it, so it could be a great choice for any special occasion you have lined up. It may be pork but great quality meat and slow roasting seem to infuse the meat with a new vitality that makes it a quite splendid party catering solution. If your event was going to be a boring old chicken in a basket Ampthill affair, get ready to make it a fantastic hog roast Ampthill occasion.

When Henry VIII was busy devouring his hog roast at Ampthill Castle, would have been watching the hog roasting over a huge open hearth fire in the castle, no doubt with a cook or two in close attendance. Well, we can’t supply the huge open hearth fire but you do get your own cook in the shape of the very capable hog roast chef. The hog roast chef knows exactly what you need for your event and he has the tools that to make it a perfectly cooked pig. Where there used to be an open fire, there is now the hog roast machine!

The hog roast machine is a splendid looking piece of equipment that will form the centrepiece of your event. The star of the show though is of course the whole pig – and what a pig! This is a top quality pig from one of the best and most trustworthy suppliers, ensuring that the meat produced will be out of this world. You simply have to get a quality pig if you want a mouth watering hog roast.

If you are planning a bit of a special Ampthill event then something you always have to consider is how many guests are you wanting to invite. You may want to invite hundreds but catering for huge numbers of people can be expensive, and before you know it, you are having to revise down your guest list significantly. This is where hog roast plays its trump card because hog roast is one of the best value for money options in catering out there. That whole pig is more than just a quality pig, it’s a feed around one hundred people type of pig. That’s a lot of people, saving you money.

Okay so you have saved a bit of money but that’s of no concern to your guests. All they are really concerned about is having a great time at your event and enjoying great food. Suffice to say that your Ampthill hog roast event is going to leave them very happy indeed. Great tasting food that you and your guests will remember for a long time.