Hog Roast Bexhill

We do like to be beside the seaside! It’s that totally British ‘thing’ we all have about eating ice cream when it’s blowing a gale, wearing sandals and eating fish and chips overloaded with vinegar. You could say that it’s as fundamental to British culture as the red phone box and bobbies on the beat.

Bexhill and its forty one thousand residents will know a thing or too about the seaside, for their town is a little piece of seaside heaven on the East Sussex coast. They will know the culinary delight that is fish and chips all too well, but what experience do they have a slightly more upmarket culinary speciality? Forget fish and chips Bexhill, we are talking hog roast Bexhill!

Yes, hog roast is making a name for itself all over the UK and Bexhill is just another location that is falling for the charms of this ultra traditional, medieval dish. There are a number of reasons why this corner of East Sussex is turning into ‘hog roast Bexhill’.

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Seaside resorts are all about fun and entertainment, and Bexhill is no different. That means many visitors to the town each year, each and every one looking to have fun. It’s therefore no surprise to see hotels and guest houses running the occasional hog roast evening now and again. Hog roast Bexhill evenings are a great success with hog roast making a fantastic alternative to the usual party for suspects such as curry, chilli, hot dogs or limp and plain old sandwiches. Hog roast tastes like proper food, with proper robust flavours.

Hog roast is a freshly cooked food too, and if you’ve ever been to a Bexhill hog roast, you will know exactly what I mean. A hog roast caterer spends hours carefully cooking the whole pig to guarantee the perfect pork for your Bexhil function. In fact recruiting a hog roast caterer for your Bexhill event could be a masterstroke as it really helps get the party started. People love watching the hog roast caterer do their stuff and the whole pig on the roasting machine is always a source of fascination for the adults and the children. The aromas that the roasting process produces certainly make a welcome change from the typical event catering and it actually makes you want to eat the food. So many times at a Bexhill function does the food preparation involve the removing of the cellophane from off some rather insipid looking vol au vents and dry looking pies.

Hog roast is a totally brilliant Bexhill catering solution, not just for hotels and guest houses but for private parties too. It’s incredible value for money means that a Bexhill hog roast, despite looking like a million dollars, could actually work out a lot cheaper than you may have thought. And with a hog roast capable of serving around one hundred of Bexhill’s finest, there is sure to be plenty to go around. Dry pork pies and sad sandwiches? No thanks, give me a hog roast every time!