Hog Roast Bridgwater

There are many festivals and carnivals celebrated throughout the world. Rio does quite a good one, so I believe, but I wonder if it can really match the Guy Fawkes Carnival held in Bridgwater each year? The carnival is believed to date back to the Gunpowder Plot back in 1605, thus the Guy Fawkes reference. Some would question the wisdom of naming a celebration after someone intent on destroying parliament, though there would be many these days who would be more than happy to see the politicians disappear. Maybe this Somerset market town of some thirty odd thousand people has a bit of a rebellious side, but then again maybe it just likes to be a bit different, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

Being different is something that you definitely could not say about a lot of party and event food over the years. Since the late seventies, it seemed that much of the UK was stuck in something of catering rut, where nothing seemed to change much at all. Go to a function or special occasion where food was being laid on and you invariably were served with the same old selections. Some people may be more than happy with this repetition but for the more adventurous diner, a ‘special occasion’ should have something..well, special rather the same old tired and boring options.

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Thank goodness then for the rise of the hog roast Bridgwater event as if it had never been away, helping feed the likes of Mr Fawkes and co, hog roast is back in twenty first century Bridgwater, causing a rebellion of its very own and hoping to set alight a virtual keg of gunpowder under the eternal pile of boring event catering food. This is a plot that we can all encourage.

The rise of hog roast is not just a Bridgwater phenomenon but one that affect the whole of the UK. Hog roast hire Bridgwater chefs are now able to provide a fantastic alternative to anyone looking to put on a great tasting and dynamic alternative to traditional occasion catering. And about time too. Hog roast represents freshly prepared food at its very best, with your meal being cooked right in front of your guests by the supremely talented hog roast Bridgwater chef. The magnificent whole pig is slowly roasted on the quite splendid hog roast machine; a fantastic piece of equipment that helps produce a great tasting hog roast and doubles up as a great centrepiece to any special occasion.

So what makes the hog roast so different and why is it enjoying a new wave of popularity? Well, the fresh cooking approach of hog roast caterers is a really professional touch that people love to see these days. After decades of prepacked, microwave meals, the Bridgwater public expect to see and eat something special when they make a trip for a special event. Hog roast ticks both these boxes with ease. Hog roast really does look fantastic whilst the chef is looking after the slow roasting but, and perhaps more importantly, hog roast is a really fantastic tasting meal.

Hog roast’s incredible taste is a combination of two things. Any good chef will tell you that the raw ingredients to any meal are probably the most important factor in its success. This is no different for your Bridgwater hog roast chef, as they choose only the very best quality pigs to use for each and every hog roast they prepare. Then there’s the not so small matter of the cooking process. It takes a hefty six hours to cook a whole pig! That slow cooking time is essential though, allowing all the incredible juices to soak into the pork meat and generate that incredible and unique hog roast flavour.

If you have a Bridgwater event in the pipeline, don’t do a Guy Fawkes and lose the plot. Make sure to make it an explosion of flavour by choosing hog roast.