Hog Roast Camberley

The town of Camberley has recently received its 21st century paint job with the installation of a Vue cinema, bowling alley and fitness club. A population of over 30,000 is fairly considerable out of city territory so it’s in many of the larger towns’ interests to provide inhabitants with the opportunity to do more than go for a jog or check out the local museum. Fans of Hockey will be glad to know there are clubs for men and women, and avid chess players are sure to salivate over the fact that this antique game is fiercely contested in this neck of the woods.

Following checkmate it is possible that one of these residents strolled back home to find us parked nearby with the good stuff. With virtually every service we provide there is usually a series of events that define the episode, and a hog roast hire Camberley was no different. The first recollection of that day involved opening a creaky gate which went through me like the worst kind of twitch. Up ahead was a pokey house, very noisy with an enormous garden. I understood the true purpose of this oversized lawn when I saw 7 children and 5 dogs spill onto it. In regimen fashion a ‘proud to be corpulent’ family opposed me. Before I could even begin to gather what I was to say the father of the bunch slapped his belly and merrily proclaimed, “We like to eat!” I must confess that there was something agreeable about a veritable anti-Adonis making light of his figure.

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Surprisingly, the person who could eat the most was the smallest. Thanking a fast metabolism the other siblings almost hissed at him in jealously, but there weren’t to be any pleasantries today! As was promised everything was set up in rocket-fuelled fashion; quick n’ yummy burgers, devilishly juicy lamb, and a king-sized pig all began to feel the heat of our glistening machinery. It’s hard enough watching a dog chase its own tail, but when you have 6 children chasing after 5 dogs it’s enough to give you nightmares. A welcome break from the visual assault was a kid, perhaps 11 years old, who kept asking me respectable questions about the food. His dad scalded him several times to leave me be, but I was happy to appease his inquisition.

I think hunger can give way to a psychological battle, not just a physical one. Even if you’re not going to consume everything it can taint the overall experience if you don’t think there’s enough food to go around. Chef & Griddle are happy to announce that the site of an 80kg pig can stifle that notion in a hurry. “How are we going to eat all that, dad!?” I heard the child persist. I often think the same, but there’s no such thing as too much food in my book.

When their rate of consumption slowed a lady spoke of a hog roast Camberley they had previously had which, while decent, fell comfortably short of ours. Everybody was pleasantly surprised to see all those little extras we provide. Features like good quality plates, real cutlery and the option for a gazebo in case the weather turns sour are (for our money) just as essential as a perfectly roasted hog. Often it is the little details that are put under the microscope. Of course the pigs got to taste good, but then so must every desire be quenchable. The day we fall short is the day Paul Daniels begins a successful career in power-lifting.

There is a great audience here, what with all the sports and schools, the different ages and cultures are all susceptible to be wooed by our incredible culinary acumen. The potential for a hog roast hire Camberley is enough to make me put a pig on the spit right now! As a passionate chef one of my greatest concerns is that people will complete their lives without ever knowing what it is like, or what it means to try a professional hog roast. And I stress the word professional!

House steaks, Italians classics, recommended sushi or five star Cantonese duck; everyone has their own idea of what constitutes quality food, but with many years of experience behind me I would sternly interject that there is nothing quite like roasting a pig before a multitude of guests with croaking stomachs. I implore you not to take my word as gospel. I can only hope you possess the good sense to set the date.