Hog Roast Chipping Campden

Now, just think for a minute about how we all take things for granted these days. Not just the obvious things like TV, mobile phones, the internet or even the microwave, more the things that we simply accept as normal. Architecture is just one example. Consider the town where you live, the chances are that you walk past the same buildings every day without thinking about the building itself, nor thinking how wonderful it may happen to be. It’s a terrible shame because the United Kingdom is blessed with truly wonderful architecture that is the envy of the world. Take Chipping Campden for instance, the charming Gloucestershire town that is home to some two thousand people. There is one particularly striking piece of architecture there, namely the charming terraced High Street, something which many residents simply walk past every single day.

It is such a shame when such a contribution is made to the look and design of a place yet it is simply accepted as ‘the norm’. The same could be said of an old British Medieval dish, the hog roast. Hog roast seemed to suffer from a similar case of passive acceptance for many decades. Despite it being the food of kings and queens, lords and ladies and all manner of important people over the centuries, hog roast seemed to fade away from the big occasion. In fact, ten years ago you would probably have struggled to find a caterer who would serve hog roast at an event. But times have certainly changed and the hog roast Chipping Campden event is very definitely back on the agenda.

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So why is the hog roast Chipping Campden event back with us and why should you consider giving your special occasion the hog roast treatment? After all, is hog roast really that special? The short answer to that second question is a resounding ‘yes’. Bring in a hog roast hire Chipping Campden event caterer and you will consider it the best move you ever made. But why?

Let’s consider the facts about catering for that special occasion. Note the use of the word special, as that really is important, because if you are going to call something special then you should really mean it, not simply hint at it. A special occasion in Chipping Campden should not just be special for the person, persons or company it was organised for but for the guests who come along and join you. This means making an effort, and one of the best ways to make an effort that really shows is with the catering. But remember, the word special does not apply to frozen pizzas, sausage rolls and chicken drumsticks, not unless they were prepared by Heston Blumenthal! Special food really means just that, and that’s why you need a hog roast hire Chipping Campden caterer to really give your occasion that ‘special’ touch.

Hog roast is a food to dazzle people with. It really will bowl your guests over with fantastic flavours, amazing aromas and cracking crackling...in fact it even looks incredible, but there is a lot more to hog roast than meets the eye. Hog roast really does give your guests a sample of top notch cooking in a special occasion environment. That’s because the chef approaches each hog roast in a totally professional manner, treating each roast as if it were being prepared for royalty. It all begins with selecting the best possible quality whole pig from a good local supplier in the Chipping Campden area. Only good meat is ever used because it is so fundamental to the unique hog roast flavour.

Then there is the extensive cooking time, which is always a surprise to many. Six hours roasting certainly makes for great hog roast! And you also need to consider the number of people you are planning to invite as guests. Now we all like to invite as many as friends as possible to special occasions but cost has to be taken into account. Thankfully, hog roast holds a trump card in that it can serve over a hundred plus Chipping Campden guests. It all means that if you really do want to push the boat out and invite as many people as possible, it may still be a very affordable affair indeed!

Hog roast, as I think you now fully appreciate, is a ‘special’ food, so don’t let your event down by providing anything less than amazing food. Make sure you dazzle Chipping Campden guests with a hog roast.