Hog Roast Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes: it sounds so English, and with its seaside resort charm, it most definitely is. This coastal corner of North East Lincolnshire is home to over thirty thousand people and has a rich history that is deserving of suitable rich dish in the shape of hog roast. There’s a lot more to Cleethorpes than meets the eye. In fact you should spend a few minutes reading up about this great town, because behind kiss me quick hats lie a few surprises. Hog roast Cleethorpes is only the start.

The year 1956 saw quite a famous UFO incident at Cleethorpes, in fact the UFO was spotted on local RAF radar. Could this be Cleethorpes own X file? Another surprise is that, considering this is a seaside resort, rainfall is lower than average. Could this be UFO related? The truth is out there.

Maybe the reasons behind Cleethorpes secrets can be discussed over a pint and a hog roast. After all, do you need any other excuses for a hog roast Cleethorpes question and answer session?

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Cleethorpes certainly seems like a thriving town and one that has bounced back from the years of decline that saw this former ship building town’s industry fade so rapidly. In the town you will find a lot to make you positive including the light coast railway, Cleethorpes Pier, Pleasure Island Theme Park, the dance festival, the Carnival Parade and the annual Armed Forces Day – all great occasions and all good ones to celebrate with a great hog roast.

Hog roast is great occasion food, and with Cleethorpes seeming like a town that loves a great occasion, you may as well join in the fun and get in the hog roast Cleethorpes mood.

So what are you to celebrate in Cleethorpes that warrants booking a hog roast caterer? Not that you need any excuses, but let’s have a look in the diary shall we? You have some big birthdays lined up soon, along with a Christening, too. And what about dad’s seventieth? These are all fantastic occasions to break away from tradition, push the boat out and bring in a Cleethorpes hog roast caterer.

Well, there’s no boat to push out really. You see, a Cleethorpes hog roast is a fantastic value option that you probably hadn’t considered before. Hog roast is not only a really cost effective catering option but, based on an average sized pig, it can feed around one hundred people, which means your Cleethorpes ‘do’ could probably accept a few more guests than you thought you could afford.

Hog roast always goes down a treat, too. Dad will love the traditional taste and of course the amazing crackling. As for the children, the lovely succulent flavours of hog roast are always a big hit with them.

Hog roast may have been the Cleethorpes unexpected catering offering (UCO) for quite a while but it is now making a name for itself. Great taste, cost effective catering that the people of Cleethorpes are starting to love. Just make sure you save some crackling for dad.