Hog Roast Colne

If you’re looking for hog roast Colne or hog roast hire Colne, we’re the team for you. We include decorations, bread rolls and crackling as standard, and cater for any event from weddings to corporate events, birthdays to VIP events. We also offer hog roast hire Colne, where you can hire one of our hog roast machines and do it yourself for those with a more hands-on approach.

Colne has views of several well-known hills. One of its notable landmarks is also a hill: Pendle Hill five miles east of the town. On Halloween people walk up there because of old legendary associations with the Pendle witches. Urban myth has it that a few nearby farmhouses are haunted, and they have featured on TV’s ‘Most Haunted’. Colne is a large town, but the urban sprawl doesn’t get to me because of the town’s very scenic and rural location. It’s lovely, Colne; there is beautiful countryside around the town and many old villages close by, where we also do business – usually engagement parties and birthdays. There’s a forest nearby, too. Mostly we cater for corporate events in Colne itself, often for the businesses located in Whitewalls, which is Colne’s main industrial area.

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During the last few days, we had received a lot of hog roast hire Colne orders. We also have several events to cater; it’s always busy here at hog roast Colne! Today, after taking care of the paperwork, I went down to the kitchens to check on the progress of a hog roast. The chefs were bustling around it, and it was cooked and already smelled spicy. Each roast requires a lot of preparation, because it takes a long time to roast a whole hog due to its size. We have to cook and season the roast before the roast is ready to be taken to the event that we are catering. In addition, here at hog roast Colne, we have high standards which means everything about the roast must be perfect. It must be juicy and tender.

Today, we checked that two hog roast machines were working, which we always do here at hog roast Colne, then loaded them into the van and drove off to deliver the first one to a gastro pub for a Hogmanay themed night. Usually when we deliver to pubs, it’s to private individuals who hire machines for their parties in the pub’s function room. This time, as occasionally happens, the pub itself was hiring it for a special night. This time it was Hogmanay, but we get gastro pubs and the more foodie sort of bars hiring from us all year round. We lifted the machine out of the van and wheeled it into the pub. The bar girl found a waiter to show us where to put it, but she wasn’t sure where her boss wanted it to go. Finally the manageress saw us and told us where to set up the machine. It was a long hire, compared to some clients who only hire for a couple of hours.

We checked again just to make sure it really was working properly and then showed the waiters and waitresses how to operate the machine. The manageress seemed pretty impressed by it. She asked us if anything in particular goes well with hog roasts, and we told her applesauce. Several hours later, when we went to pick up the machine, the pub’s owner said the hog roast evening had gone very well and had brought in a lot of customers. He even said he might hire from us again in a few weeks for a night with a different theme. We took the machine, which was still a little warm, loaded it into the van, and came back to our kitchen.

Yesterday, we catered for a birthday party in a local hotel. We got there early, moved tables and decorated the room, including putting up balloons and setting out serviettes, bread rolls and condiments. We eventually had the roast turning in the machine, glistening redly under the lights as the delicious scent wafted around the room. The guests began to arrive and after a while of greeting them and pouring drinks, it was time to carve the roast. We carved it and served the guests, with applesauce on the roast. It was obvious that they were enjoying the roast, which always makes me feel happy. It makes me feel good to be providing good food and good service and seeing people happy.