Hog Roast Devon

Devon is known for many things, people come far and wide to visit our attractions, from the beautiful national parks, to the English Riviera to the Jurassic Coast, but there’s a new attraction in Devon that locals and visitors alike are experiencing in record numbers - hog roasts in Devon.

A hog roast Devon made by chef and griddle or with our special tools is something you don’t want to miss out on, fortunately we’re expanding each year in popularity and size, meaning that despite growing demand we’re still welcoming with open arms new people for our hog roast catering service and hog roast hire Devon service.

We’re spear heading a new way of catering and cooking. Hog roasts in Devon have been the story of the decade for event catering and nothing is set to change as we make catering that’s even better, with improved hog roasts and spit roasts that just keep getting tastier and tastier.

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Hog roast Devon, or any spit roast or tray roast catering by us for that matter, is well within a league of its own. Once you’ve had it nothing else comes close, it’s a blessing and a curse. While you’re eating a Spitting Pig hog roast you’ll be in a state of heaven, but not long afterwards you’ll develop some serious culinary withdrawal symptoms as normal foods just don’t cut the mustard any longer.

With sizzling, succulent spit roast meats being the staple food of our Devon catering services we’ve made our way up the event catering ladder. Catering for just about anything, from events such as graduation parties to wedding receptions, we’ve got our fair share of experience - and having been there on done it on so many different occasions you can take solace in our professional capacity to make your event catering an out and out hog roast success.

Having a menu for any event, no matter which yours is, makes us the ideal candidate caterers. You might be asking yourself how we could possibly have a menu for every event, without knowing the specific details of yours? It’s easy, we’re the only hog roast caterer in Devon with the catering repertoire to put together bespoke menus for any client, no matter how fanciful and extravagant their catering vision, because we have the chefs and our chefs have the immense skills to make event dreams a reality.

With the best chefs on board and the best machines to boot we can cater an event of a small size, say 20 people, to a huge event, say a 10,000 strong outdoor festival. There isn’t an event we consider too obscure nor too large to cater for.

On the other hand, if catering isn’t why you’re here and you’re confident enough to self-cater your own event, or you happen to run your own booming culinary business, why not give thought to hiring a machine from us? The machines you can hire come in a variety of sizes with an equally varied number of functions, allowing you the capacity to use hog roast hire Devon to spit roast, tray roast, even to grill meats with our product.

The advantages of having a hog roast are many, the most significant advantage is the cost. If you’re struggling to find the funds for a catering package then hiring a machine is the next best thing and if you’re a person who likes to get their hands dirty it’ll be even more exciting and memorable than catering when you make your own hog roast. The other plus is that you can cook a hog roast on your own watch, as many times as you like, if you hire for a longer period of time. Hiring a hog roast machine could well be invaluable for your own business for improving reputation and profit.

Discussing any of our hog roast packages is possible through phone or email, or in person if you prefer, it’s up to you which you choose and we look forward to hearing