Hog Roast Dewsbury

Anyone reading up on their British economic history will know the tremendously important role the mill towns of Lancashire and Yorkshire played in the nation’s growth during the late eighteenth and nineteenth century. These towns were considered by many to be the backbone of Britain and their role will always be a reminder of how important these towns were in establishing the nation as a world leader.

Obviously times have changed and the mills have all but gone. Industry - and certainly technology - has changed too but the towns remain. Dewsbury is one such town that played such a vital role. It may no longer be home many mills but fifty odd thousand people live here and the town does appear to be doing well. That could also explain why a certain catering meal is making a bit of a comeback in Dewsbury. Hog roast Dewsbury events are now a regular fixture on the social calendar, and that means great news for people attending special events and functions in and around town.

Now let’s not beat about the bush. Catering at events over the last few decades has been generally dire. I am not saying that every event has had bad catering but there seems to have been a plethora of events that have served up some pretty shoddy and poor excuses for party and special event food. We have all been to them. Cold pizza, sausage rolls, pork pies, sad and limp looking salads, insultingly bad sandwiches...it makes you wonder why people bother to organise a special event if they cannot be bothered putting on special food. Surely it’s not much to ask?

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Well, with the growth in popularity of hog roast hire Dewsbury events, it seems like those days could be soon behind us, and not a moment too soon. It certainly is a welcome return for hog roast as it seems to have been in the shadows for so long. Quite remarkable really as hog roast has to be one of the most suitable meals for special events. It could well be the case that the new found love for a hog roast Dewsbury style event has been driven by the many cookery programmes on TV. Very often, the chefs who appear on these programmes wax lyrical about the importance of quality ingredients and simplicity of approach in order to achieve great flavour. Well, if any feast was ever reliant on great quality meat and a simple approach to the cooking process, it has to be hog roast. The fact that hog roast looks exciting and can feed plenty of people simple cement its position as the most obvious candidate when it comes to find a great catering option.

Now, if you are thinking of organising a large get together or maybe a work based event, you may be looking at all the available Dewsbury catering options with some interest. Well my words to you are ‘don’t waste your time’. You really can save yourself a lot of time and stress by simply getting the hog roast hire Dewsbury caterer booked now. Believe me, your guests will love it and you will love it. Here’s a few good reasons why it has to be a Dewsbury hog roast.

Hog roast uses great local meat. The chef who you book will source a top quality pig from a local supplier, taking great care to find one that is most suitable for your event, and that means getting the right size and one with just the right amount of fat for producing great crackling...so important.

Hog roast is a cooking marathon which guarantees great taste. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that a whole pig takes a while to cook as it is pretty big but did you know that it needs six hours to slow roast? Apparently so, and that long slow roasting process rewards you with some of the very best roasted meat flavours you are ever likely to encounter. Six hours absorbs all the great flavour from the bones meaning you bet a superb taste. And if that was not enough, how about enough meat to feed over a hundred people at your party? What? You aren’t inviting that many? Well, you can now. Better get your address book out!

As you can see, there are so many reasons to make your event a Dewsbury hog roast event...and nearly as many reasons to not choose the other options. Go on, get the hog roast chef booked today!