Hog Roast Glastonbury

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone knows about Glastonbury festival. This year’s festival left tents floating away in the great deluges we have been experiencing all summer. But just like the devoted festival goers, the hog roasters of hog roast Glastonbury caterers haven’t had their spirits dampened either. They have been kept busy flying around Glastonbury with their hog roast oven providing the very best in cooked meats for its residents.

A day that particularly sticks out in our memory was the hog roast we catered at a pub just on the outskirts of Glastonbury. We arrived early on an untypically beautiful sunny morning and got to work setting up our hog roast Glastonbury; it takes quite a few hours to roast a pig so by the time the fragrant aromas of roasted pork had began to make their way through the pub and gardens the folks there were very much ready to wander over and sample our famous hog roast. And we were more than happy to start carving and serving tender, juicy cuts of our excellent hog roast Glastonbury in floured rolls. But what would a cut of spit roasted pork be without stuffing? So we had made plenty of that and our famous crackling went down very quickly too! The guests were so enthusiastic about our delicious food that they often lingered a while to chat about the whole process. We hog roast Glastonbury caterers love this as it gives us a great opportunity to talk about our fantastic machine and service.

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As lovely as it is to get out in the fresh air at events like this one, we can offer a whole range of services catering for functions as diverse as Christmas parties to corporate events, and everything in between! Our talented chefs and serving staff create a professional atmosphere no matter what the occasion.

To make things easier for you, we have put together a selection of menus for the different types of events for which we cater. But because we are so committed to your event, we will also be happy to work with you to perfect a tailor made menu for your day. Our scope is literally limitless: we can provide our sumptuous banquets for hundreds or thousands of guests, right down to small parties of fifty guests. And we give every occasion our very best in the service we offer and the food we provide.

However, we can’t take all the credit, some of it has to go to our great hog roast oven. Without it we wouldn’t be able to create such incredible food. With a selection of attachments that can be added or removed, we can cook several types of meat including whole pig or lamb, cuts of beef and thanks to our specially designed BBQ plate; we can even offer you kebabs!

If you’re planning an event this year, why not get intouch with the hog roast Glastonbury caterers and let us bring the magic and theatre of a hog roast to you.