Hog Roast Gravesend

Welcome, we're Chef and Griddle Gravesend and from our point of view a hog roast is the height of culinary perfection - the champion, undisputed at that, of event catering. Judging by the popularity of our menus and hog roast services it seems to be that most share that view, now more than ever, as word is getting out that there is no superior to our roasts. We lead the way in the realm of hog roast catering. We've introduced thousands to a traditional albeit unique hog roast experience and it's proved so popular amongst our clients that they can't help but return to us in future for more of the same.

A hog roast Gravesend is the genuine article, a head turner of a catering choice that goes a long way to making an event a success. With our chefs and waiters at your event providing the traditional hog roast experience, the battle for the hearts and mind of your guests will be all but won. Masses of juicy pork and sheets of crackling prove irresistible no matter the weather or the reasons your event. We've been whetting appetites for years and we have no intention of slowing down, the roasts we make are as good as ever. From a single spit roast snack menu to our bigger menus with a two-choice spit roast, the spit roasts we make represent our best quality and that's that the motto of something for everything is one we live up to, without exception. So long as you do a little research on your side and determine if there are guests with specific needs or preferences, say food allergies or specific dietary needs, we will accommodate them with unique alternatives made from the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

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Ethically farmed, regionally sourced produce underpins Chef and Griddles hog roast Gravesend . Our commitment to local farming and good produce is just as strong as the commitment to you, putting both of those together has proved an unbeatable combination for both. At the same time as we're providing you with the best hog and spit roasts that there is, we're providing independent and local farms with business. Hog roasting works great as part of an outdoor event. An even bigger gulf in class emerges between hog roasting and any other option when it comes to outdoor cooking. We can do what most can't and that's to cook at outdoor events, often rural, while keeping our standards of cooking and service at the exact same level as it is when working at an indoor venue. Because hog roasting is absolutely simple we can make one for large events or small one, at an inside or indoor venue.

Nothing knocks socks off quite as effectively as a scrumptious Chef and Griddle made hog roast. Our success rate is 100% and with that you'll have full peace of mind booking us. There's no need to worry because we get the job done, always. Hog roast quotes are easily obtained. The process of requesting a quote is streamlined for maximum efficiency. Once your quote requests are received we'll have a price for you on the same day, or the day after if not.

Hog roast catering sometimes gives way to our hog roast hire Gravesend service. And why not, the hog roast hire service is every bit as good. Who wouldn't want to hire REGIONS best hog roast machines, you'd be mad to miss out on the experience of making your own hog roast and at only a fraction of the price you can see why it's proving to be a more popular service by the day. The fact that when you hire machine it's delivered and returned personally by us, without cost and with free gas, is just one of many added bonuses. Another is the optional inclusion of a pig from our own stock, fresh and ready to be cooked into the perfect roasted hog. There's a mixture of machines to choose from, some for spit roasting and some for tray roasting. With either choice the machines are suited for cooking a variety of different meat products, from a cut of beef to whole chickens or pigs. The attachments for the machine are adjustable which means that you can skewer any sized meat without difficulty and it will cook wonderfully. Within minutes of getting to grips with the hog roast hire Gravesend machine you'll feel like a hog roast pro. It's easy as pie to roast your own meats with one of our machines. The office is open throughout the week and anticipating your phone calls, quotes are free so don't think twice about calling for one.