Hog Roast Hayes

Hayes is a nice place; surprisingly for a locale in the city, it has several public parks which makes it one of the more leafy parts of the city. These little islands of escape from the concrete jungle include Lake Farm Country Park and Barra Park, amongst others. it also has a very long and ancient history going back to the Saxon tomes. The name Hayes comes from the Anglo Saxon for “the land that is overgrown with brushwood”. Hayes was an industrial centre and only became a suburb in the early 20th century. George Orwell lived in Hayes. Today, Hayes has a thriving culture and the neighbourhood's Beck Theatre is a great venue for comedy, films, opera and pantomime. Sometimes concerts are held there, too.

Hayes is a great place to work. I'm a hog roast caterer based in the area. We offer both hog roast Hayes and hog roast hire Hayes. With hog roast Hayes, we guarantee great customer service, hog roasts with crackling, and decorations and bread rolls included. Clients who prefer to have a go themselves might prefer our hog roast machine hiring service. We're a dedicated team with lots of experience, so whether you're looking for hog roast Hayes or hog roast hire Hayes, you won't be disappointed.

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Hog roast catering takes us all around Hayes, and we meet all kinds of people. I've also catered for lots of different types of events, from the usual weddings and corporate events to birthdays, anniversaries of local businesses and retirement parties – as well as lots of miscellaneous celebrations. We hired a machine for the launching of an online magazine once, and catered for a college prom.

Today our first job was to hire a machine out to a local company. Usually, the corporate events we see require catering and are held in hotels; this was a more personal party. We loaded the machine into the van and drove off; we found the place easily. Lauren and I pushed the machine inside, to the reception. We carried it upstairs (it wouldn't fit in the lift, though previously we have managed to accommodate machines in some lifts).

When we eventually had it in the correct room, plugged in and its spitting pole turning slowly, I found out that what the company specialised in was CV parsing, which is a software that sort of scans thousands of CVs and picks out the skills that employers want. It sounded a bit like a search engine to me. Everyone else in the room seemed to be the client's friends and top level staff. The client – let's call him Adam – was interesting to talk to. He said they were celebrating overcoming a large obstacle for the company, which had come in the form of a copyright infringement challenge, which they'd won. Adam introduced us to a few people in the room; a couple were his partners in the company and the rest were friends.

After that, we returned to our base where a hog roast was nearly ready. The chefs were using applesauce and spices to bring out the flavour; I looked at the roast, noting that it was up to standard. We packed up the van and sped off to a community centre where our clients had hired out a room to celebrate their 10th anniversary. We put up the balloons and set out condiments, serviettes and bread rolls. I learned that the couple had met online on an alternative fashion site, and had bonded over their shared love of extreme sports and books. The woman was rocking a gothic lolita look and her husband looked more steampunk – smart and well put together. He had lovely long dreadlocks. I've always thought it ironic that alternative fashion is sometimes more old fashioned or twee than normal styles, especially when it comes to gothic Victorian, steampunk and sweet Lolita or classic Lolita styles. We put the hog roast in the machine and it began turning. It smelled delicious.

More people started to arrive, and we were busy pouring them drinks. After a while, it was time to carve the hog roast, which is always my favourite bit, as I like to see people enjoying the food we work hard to make for them. It was a great night and we got several compliments on the roast. All our roasts taste great as they're made to our own recipe. But it's hard work, and we're often busy. But I wouldn't want it any other way.