Hog Roast Ilkeston

Lying on the River Erewash, Ilkeston is a fairly large town as there's almost 40,000 of us living here according to the latest census. The historical large industries of the town were iron working, textiles and coal mining, all of which have declined significantly almost to the point of completion, but there's still lots to smile about and Ilkeston has been moving with the times better than most, just take the thriving catering industry of which we're apart of for example.

Ilkeston is also in a minority of places where East Midlands English is spoken extensively. But rather than greeting people with ducks we greet them with rich-in-flavour roasted pigs... Although we could cook a duck for you as part of a bespoke menu if you wanted us to!

The main forte for us is hog roast catering and spit roast catering, though as well as that we have a machine hire selection available.

Hog roast hire Ilkestone is an ever rising popular choice for our local clients, they're hungry to get in on the spit roasting fun and you can too. Getting your hog roast tools from us puts you on the winning track because our machines are the ones to have. Hog roasting being our passion means that even when the catering stops we're doing something hog roast related, some for business but often for sheer enjoyment. One of the things we quietly went about doing was starting from scratch our own spit roast machines, we've created a few different models over the years and people have really taken to them, especially businesses who see the superior quality from our equipment.

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You can hire any of our machine models, if needed you can even hire multiple machines for your event... It's unlikely you'll need more than one though as you only need one to cook food for a few hundred people. The machines are friendly to most meats, pig to poultry and everything in between. Depending on what you're going to cook you'll have to buy your own meat, but if you're hiring to spit roast a pig then we can sell you one if you want the best tasting pig at great cost, it's much more convenient as we'll deliver it with the Hog roast hire Ilkestone machine.

Amongst a list of things that keeps us on our toes and keep our award winning standards is the constant torrent of new clients in the area who we meet and cater for every year. There's no room for complacency when each client is a different one with different tastes and different demands for their event. Our menus have improved considerably over the years as the bredth and depth of our experience is continually expand, we're always looking to take something away from our events whether a business breakfast or we're catering at the local fair.

You can choose a Hog roast Ilkestone catering spit roast of any of your preferred meats, from whole to cuts of meat, such as a whole pig, chicken, turkey or lamb, or a sirloin of roast beef. Chefs can even grill you proper chef-made 100% British beef burgers and sausages, an excellent option for any of the menus with more than 1 main meat choice, especially if your event has children present.

Our hog roasts are a formidable presence, the stand out in the crowd even if the crowd is hundreds of people, the Hog roast Ilkestone commands attention and in turn when the guests admire it they'll find their appetite in no time whatsoever. It's not just the presence of the spit pig atop the machine it's the delicate rich aromas which send appetites into over drive, the food is literally mouth watering.

The team we send out to events are in their own league, they're first class in every aspect, from waiting on your guests to the unbelievable job they do in tidying away the hog roast site and leaving the area as good as new, even the optional drinks bar service is wholly professional and reflective of our catering philosophy, we do everything the best it can be done, that includes the little things that other caters forget about. Even something as simple as giving a helping hand and advice some caterers won't always do, but by phone or email we'll be here to help you however we can, from recommending other services for your event - maybe you need to hire a marquee but aren't sure where to look - to giving you our experience at local venues. You can contact us today to start your hog roast journey.