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Chef and griddle Liverpool is a long running close-knit hog roast Liverpool catering team with a wild, often obsessive interest in hog roasting. We represent a collection of the highest achieving and brightest of chefs, waiters and waitresses, and hog roast enthusiasts who work in the office. What we bring to the table is a professional, astute catering approach to hog roasting. People come to us whether they need their event catered or they're just as big on hog roasts as us and perhaps want to buy a hog roast machine for their summer BBQs or a party or use the hog roast hire Liverpool services.

The world of hog roast catering is an interesting one and we don't just say that because we sell hog roast catering and hog roast machines, but because it's one that's actually tied to human society and history, making it a fascinating subject for even a neutral. The history of hog roasting is almost as rich as the hog roast food we've been putting on plates for the last few years. People have been cooking rotisserie style for tens of thousands of years, the medieval image of people spit roasting the old fashioned way - using a hand crank to every now and then turn the meat, and a large spoon to catch and drizzle back over the meat- is one that's particularly well known. It's been used for centuries to feed the poor and the wealthiest of society alike, to this day nothing has changed. Hog roasting is still a go-to catering option from people of all backgrounds, but now there's no debate about which hog roaster is best, it's Spitting Pig and there's no contest!

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Spit roasting today is much more of an automatic process, we now have stainless steel machines and the skewer which was once rotated by hand is now done mechanically, making hog roasts better than they've ever been at any other point in history, as the hog is cooked more even and scientifically.

But even though it has become largely automated spit roasting and tray roasting is a process that will take at least several hours, sometimes it can take as many as eight hours if the whole meat we cook is large enough. Worry not though, as even though it can often take a heck of a long time to cook a whole pig from fresh, your guests will never have to wait that long, we'll always get to a site or venue as early as is needed to get a big enough head start, so that we can serve the food at the time of your choosing.

Hog roast Liverpool menus by Chef and griddle aren't just limited to pig and other whole meats, we're a more expansive hog roaster than is usually the case and can provide with a hog roast all of your favourite canap├ęs, desserts, salads and starters. You can even book a drinks bar with Spitting Pig. We have everything in our catering packages.

Catering is our best package but have you thought about hiring a machine? If you hire we'll take care of the delivery of the machine, we'll even set the machine up with gas so you can use it immediately, then it's up to you how you use it. You can cook and season your meats any way that you like, creating elaborate or simple menus to suit your event preference. Our machines are the best that's available on the market, they're CE assured and after providing hundreds of machines for hog roast hire we've never once had a customer call us with a problem.

The machine hire option has in common with hog roast catering a number of choices to best fit certain events. We offer a few different hog roast machine builds, if you're unsure of which will go best with your intended uses we'll advise you on the plusses, minuses and best usage of each.