Hog Roast Macclesfield

We bet the legendary football player Peter Crouch who was born in Macclesfield works up a big appetite during all his training sessions and gruelling matches. We’re sure there have been many times when he like so many other dedicated sportsmen would have been grateful to see the hog roast Macclesfield and their hog roast oven as he got in his car to go home. Ours is the kind of tasty, honest food that goes down so well when hunger bites.

At the wedding we catered on the outskirts of Macclesfield last week, hunger hit all at once as the excitement died down and the delicious aroma of our roasting lamb and pork filled the air. It was really great for our team to see the looks of jaw dropping awe as the guests filled the marquee. We had spent many hours assembling the marquee and dressing the tables so the bride and groom would have a wonderful spectacle to remember on their wedding day. While our highly talented hog roast Macclesfield chefs using their hog roast oven were preparing an elegant banquet for the guests, the other members of our team had been busy with table linens, cutlery arrangements and floral decorations. The end result was stunning. The bride was overwhelmed as she walked through the marquee taking in all the little details we had so painstakingly arranged for her.

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As part of our hog roast Macclesfield service not only do we provide a professional team for all aspects of the day from the cooking itself to the serving staff, we spend as much time as is necessary discussing with you the menus and finer details of your day. Our aim is to provide complete satisfaction in what we do and we will put in the extra work to achieve it.

While we have created a wide range of menus which we feel will suit the various events we cater for whatever their scale, sometimes our clients prefer a more tailor made approach and this is no problem for us. We are happy to create the meal that you want.

At hog roast Macclesfield we take a real pride in the food we make. Our special hog roast oven allows us to cook splendid whole pigs or lambs, whose delicious aromas fill the air with a mouth watering irresistibility. The special design of our hog roast oven means we can cook several types of meats at any one time including kebabs and rotisserie style chickens. We believe that there is no better way to dine than on excellent quality meats that have been cooked with all the care and attention you would expect from a Michelin starred chef.

All the events we are asked to cater for are given the same quality of treatment. Whether it’s a formal function for two thousand or a private garden party for fifty: we will provide the same high quality of cooking and service.

So whatever your event this summer give us a call, and let us make your day a great one!